Allow Your Customers to Configure Products in 3D.

Want to offer a configurable product experience to your customers? Forget about building a custom system. Get a high-performance 3D product configurator into your stores tomorrow.

How can I use Zakeke 3D Configurator?

Zakeke can be integrated directly into your eCommerce store, implemented in a brick-and-mortar retail environment, or be used in the back-office by staff to provide accurate price quotes.



Integrate Zakeke with your eCommerce store, and give your customers the ability to configure their product online.


Physical Stores

Allow customers that come into your store to configure products in 3D using a computer or tablet. Once configured to their exact preferences and specifications, they can see the exact price and place an order immediately.


Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ)

Use Zakeke in the back-office for your staff to provide fast, accurate price quotes by email, over the phone, through online chat, etc.

Building a configuration system yourself is expensive, difficult, and time-consuming

If you’ve ever tried to develop, deploy, host, and maintain your own software, you know the headaches involved:

  • Finding the right development team
  • Keeping the project on track and within budget
  • Inevitable delays that result in rising costs and lost revenue
  • Ongoing maintenance, hosting, fixes, and updates
  • Overhauling or rebuilding when the system becomes too outdated

On top of that, you have to build complex 3D models of your products, and make sure your 3D configuration system is optimized to load fast so you can provide an enjoyable, seamless experience to your customers.


Zakeke is a 100% cloud-based 3D product configurator you can install in minutes

Simple. Flexible. Powerful.

Zakeke eliminates all of these headaches with a simple, flexible, and powerful 3D configuration system that provides a unique and memorable shopping experience to your customers.

Because it is built on the cloud, you can install it in minutes, you never have to worry about software updates, maintenance, or hosting costs, and it seamlessly integrates with all of the tools you currently use and love!


Out of the box, allow customers to configure a perfect 3D reproduction of your product today

Real 3D View®️

Let your customers view a realistic 3D representation of the product, down to the tiny details and textures.

Real-Time, 3D Configuration

You have the flexibility to specify whatever aspect of your product you want to allow customers to configure, including parts, materials, colors, and sizes.

Almost touch it!

Your customer can manipulate, rotate, turn, zoom in to your product, ensuring them that the product they will end up receiving is exactly what they expected, with no surprises


Our 3D product configurator plugs seamlessly into your eCommerce store, so your customers can quickly configure a product and check out.

Fast experience even on mobile

Built using powerful, yet lightweight code that provides high-quality visual rendering, without slowing down your website’s page load speeds.

Manage your customizable products with  a powerful admin panel

Full Flexibility to Set Up Your Products

Set your own personalization rules, and specify which components can be configured and what the configuration options are with our powerful, flexible, and intuitive back-end.

Customize the UI/UX to Match Your Brand

Everything from the customization process to the appearance of the interface and layout can be customized to match the unique look and feel of your brand

Control Your Pricing

Control every aspect of pricing, which includes up-charging for every product attribute and element.

100% on the Cloud

The cloud provides high performance, scalability, and security. You never have to worry about hosting costs, manual software updates, or maintenance.

Plug-and-Play Anywhere

The simple iFrame code can be installed anywhere on your website, and even within mobile apps, providing maximum convenience to your customers.

Integrate into your ERP or Production Systems

Eliminate manual data entry about parts and production information. You can seamlessly integrate Zakeke 3D Configurator with your manufacturing or ERP system.

Seamless eCommerce Integration

Integrate with all eCommerce tools, from popular systems such as Shopify or WooCommerce, to enterprise eCommerce systems such as Magento, NetSuite, CommerceCloud. You can also connect to any system with our API.


We’ve got your back


5-Star Support

We provide direct access to our helpdesk from the Admin panel. Our fast, responsive support team resolves 97% of support requests within one day, and we frequently update our tools with fixes and new features.


Complete Guidance Center

The helpful training and instruction videos inside our guidance center give you the answers you need, fast.

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