with Powerful Personalization

Turn any item in your store into a customizable product with real time 2D, 3D & AR

Zakeke Product Customizer
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Turn Ordinary to Extraordinary in Seconds

Don’t settle for an ordinary Shopping Experience. Let your customers create their dream products and engage them with a new personalized and immersive shopping journey that enhances product discovery and boosts conversions.

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Conversion Rate Increase

Boost your conversion rates by up to 250% through live customization, 3D & AR

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Manual Tasks and Wasted Time

Streamline design workflows, eliminating 90% of manual tasks and editing mistakes

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Product Engagement

Boost interaction with a 65% increase in time spent on product pages via 3D & AR

- 0 %
Returns and Order Cancellations

Lower return rates by 60% with real-time customer product design experiences

Your Business Needs, Our Solutions​

Visual Product Customizer

Offer your customers the ability to personalize your products with unlimited customization options using a simple and intuitive interface. They can easily add text, images, and design elements to their products, creating unique items that reflect their personality and style in real-time. Get print-ready files, automate your processes, and go-to-print hassle-free with Zakeke!

3D Product Configurator

Transform ordinary customers into designers with our new immersive and interactive 3D Shopping Experience. Let them build made-to-order products with components, materials and details of their choice, creating unique and customized products that reflect their unique style. No custom coding or 3D skills needed it’s easy to use for both you and your customers.

3D & AR Viewer

Bring your collection to life with 3D & AR. Let your customers get in touch with your products, exactly as it happens in-store, and view them from any angle, rotate them, zoom in and so on. Share your 3D models across all your channels without any other Apps or Plug-ins: just open a link or scan a QR code and your offer evolves in real-time.


Turn your customers’ visions into reality with authentic engraving effects. Showcase exactly how the engraving will appear on your products, be it glass, wood, or steel, leveraging the power of our 2D and 3D live view and getting engraving-ready files directly in your back-office.

Virtual Try-On

Boost sales and minimize returns with our hassle-free Virtual Try-On experience, rendered in stunning detail through our WebAR technology on any device without downloads. Combine 3D Configuration and Virtual Try-On technology to let customers create and virtually try their own products, boosting confidence, lowering returns, and cutting sample needs.

Empowering Global Success: The Voices of 8.000+ Trusted Businesses

Empowering Global Success: The Voices of 8.000+ Trusted Businesses​

Powering Business Success In Any Industry

Automate your printing processes with print-ready files
Wave goodbye to manual design tasks, editing errors, and exhaustive design emails.

Easily integrate Zakeke and manage complex print techniques
Effortlessly implement Zakeke into your workflow, aligning with machine rules and adapting to diverse printing methods.

Streamline custom order management
No more issues with real-time customer design. Meet all deadlines - even during peaks - and significantly reduce product returns.

Dive into Printing

Scaling up Your Business Has Never Been so Easy


Install Zakeke

Zakeke supports
all major eCommerce platforms
or use API for integration

Create your catalog

Zakeke is user-friendly
and our team will support you
if you need help

Start selling

Fast publish your products,
gain customers
and see your sales increase

Seamlessly Integrated with All eCommerce Platforms

Synced with Third-Party Apps and Services

Zakeke is your versatile Visual Commerce ally, seamlessly integrating with the most popular Apps and services used to manage eCommerce stores.

Print-On-Demand services

Add hundreds of products
from several suppliers’ catalogs
to your eCommerce store

Automate your workflow

Save time and trigger workflows
whenever a new customized order
is received in Zakeke

Try Zakeke free for 14 days. Install it in your store.

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