Augmented Reality in e-commerce: why is it important?

The e-commerce future is Augmented Reality (AR). It is estimated that about 100 million consumers will use AR for online and in-store shopping by 2020. That’s why Zakeke now supports Augmented Reality. 

The big brands have already begun to integrate AR into their mobile applications and in physical stores. Why? The advantages of AR are endless. Augmented reality consists in enhancing the customer experience by showing the object they wish to purchase where they will use it. This is even more important for online sales, especially if an object can be customized as you can do it with Zakeke. 

So, why Augmented Reality is important in e-commerce? 



Online sales are spreading. However, the virtual has a limit: it is virtual. The product cannot be touched or tested before buying it. Augmented Reality overcomes this eternal limit and consolidates customer engagement by offering a personalized experience. It is a solution halfway between physical contact, typical of face-to-face selling, and online shopping, where the seller-customer relationship is almost nonexistent. 

In addition, the customer is personally involved since he can customize the product through the 3D visualization by Zakeke. In this way, the customer becomes the main actor in the realization process. The customer loves customization and this active role is charming. 



Augmented Reality makes the customer more inclined to purchase. What does it mean? Let’s take an

example. I like a lamp, I can change its colour to adapt to my furniture, but a question comes to my mind: “Is it suitable for that table in my room?”. This question may stop the purchase process. 

Thanks to AR, the answer to that question will be easy. The customer has just to open the camera of his smartphone and see the desired lamp on the table he wants. The more the user is sure of what he is buying, the higher the chance that he will buy. 



Technological development is invading every field and online sellers know it more than others. The technologically advanced experience offered by augmented reality retains customers, especially the younger ones. 

Customer prefers online sales channels. The combination of in-store and online experience gives to the user such a unique experience that will lead him to trust the brand and the company. 



Augmented reality allows the customer to live unforgettable and unique experiences. This helps him make informed choices considering his preferences. AR is an element that goes hand in hand with the 3D visualization of the products that offers the customer the possibility to make customizations in real-time and to test them in the real world. 

Augmented reality is an extension of the brand experience that makes possible to create a relationship with the customer. AR allows the customer to explore and learn more about the products offered by the company. 



Zekeke’s goal is to provide e-commerce vendors with a tool that can help them increase sales. Augmented reality with all the advantages listed above is heading towards this goal. In addition, augmented reality enables personalized experiences that reduce the costs of returns of a product. 

The equation is simple: augmented reality + personalized experience + consumer engagement = MORE SALES

Want to try the Zakeke Augmented Reality? Go to our demo page or start a 14 Free Trial!

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