December Product & Features Update: what’s new?

Your feedback is the best source of inspiration for Zakeke’s improvement. We hardly worked and are working to make Zakeke experience ever simpler, faster and more intuitive. This release includes several bug fixings.

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PDF Preview: We added the possibility to customize the PDF preview: merchants can allow people to download a PDF of the personalization they’ve done. The pdf is now standard. We made it customizable now, so you can have your own logo on it, the texts you want and so on. Visit the support page to learn more on PDF Preview. Click here.

Shapes: Merchants can now re-order the categories inside the Shape Feature. Visit the support page to learn more on Shapes. Click here.

Get a quote: a few improvements, including getting in the quote request more information on the product for which the customer is requesting for a quote and possibility for the merchant to manually change the status of the quote (accepted, rejected, …) and even cancel it (cancelled). Visit the support page to learn more on Get a Quote. Click here.

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