Take a sneak peak of our Exclusive Partner's Portal

Be on the front line of the digital shopping revolution with us, drive continued growth and profits to your customers with all the tools you need to navigate the ecommerce industry better, faster, and with a stronger impact

This is what you'll get

Zakeke provides Partners an exclusive access to a comprehensive area that contains a full suite of sales, marketing and technical collaterals

Marketing & Sales Kit
Technical Contents
icon integration
Personal Deals Area

Marketing & Sales Kit

Go to market presentations, short videos, case studies and more

Virtual shopping ebook
cpq software

Technical Contents

Everything you need to be empowered and independent 
about all-things Zakeke in the long run

Personal Deals Area

Dedicated area available to all enterprise level partners, where flexibility and logic is applied as needed to better take care of prospects and customers

Admin dashboard control

Coming soon...

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