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Download plugin for Magento 2.x

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Zakeke Interactive Product Designer

Innovative cloud platform
that allows any Magento store to integrate
into the system a 2D and 3D customizer

Compatible con: 2.2

The extension give the possibility to enhance Magento e-commerce with the features offered by Zakeke, an innovative cloud platform which let users of any e-commerce website to fully customize products on sale, both in 2D and 3D. After installing the extension through the website, the merchant will be able to select and configure products to be customized by the end user, specifying, among others, the printing techniques, the customizable sections and the pricing policies. On the e-commerce website, for any selected product the “customize” additional button will be shown, which will let the customer customize the product before purchasing it. The customization will be made in a separate section, which is however perfectly integrated in the guest website.

The customer will be able to see a preview of each configured side and color of the product, to insert and modify (resize, rotate, move) graphic elements such as text and pictures, to upload their own pictures and to always see a representation of the final result. Zakeke also let the user upload a 3D model in standard obj format for each product, in order to show the end user a real-time 3D preview of the customization. All data will be stored in the cloud on Zakeke system, that means that the merchant doesn’t have to worry about the necessary space for pictures and 3D models. After the purchse of the customized product, the merchant will be able to download the products file from Zakeke engine for the final printing, both through Magento back office and through Zakeke website. Zakeke service is available by subscribing a tariff plan based on the Freemium model. The policy, common to the various plans, is to give a trial period of 120 days, during which the user will be able to test the different features completely free of charge. After 120 days, the pay-per-use policy will be applied, with a percentage on the final product price to be paid to FutureNext srl. The percentage decreases with the use of the system. The more customization will be made with Zakeke, the more the percentage will decrease, according to the following price list.

Currently there are two tariff plans, a cheaper one if the merchant chooses to show Zakeke’s logo in the customization section and another one in case the merchant doesn’t want to show the logo.

In order to install the extension it is necessary to sign in the website and subscribe the service

Main Features

Easy Integration

  • Perfect integration between your Magento store and Zakeke. You can continue to manage your Magento store as you always have: price, availability, order management are always perfectly synchronized
  • Use all your products directly in your Magento store catalog, Zakeke does not need you to make any changes to many of the products of your store. Even the more complex configurable product is now ready to be customized
  • Secure communication thanks to Magento 2 new generation web api and authentication via OAuth protocol under HTTPS
  • Reuse your inner expertise: Zakeke allows you to retain the management flow of Magento orders, enriching it with its new capabilities

A new form of interaction

  • Your product gains new dimensions thanks to Zakeke platform: whether it's a t-shirt or a desired engagement ring, a cover for the beloved phone or a surfboard, your customers will have a direct and captivating shopping experience with products thanks to the merger of the customization tools with an extremely fluid 3D view
  • Users can customize products with their graphic designs, logos, photos, Facebook galleries, text, messages and quotes giving space to the imagination through a simple and intuitive interface
  • We love web platforms: whether it's a smart phone, tablet, or any device with internet access the experience of zakeke platform does not change

All the advanced features you would expect

  • Plug-in check
  • Dynamic and flexible price management based on multiple variables such as the amount, the printing technologies, the images used and much more to give you the maximum flexibility
  • Simple and intuitive back-office
  • Ready-to-print output: save time compared to manual file setup
  • 60 frame/s 3D performance
  • Extensive documentation with video tutorials



Full documentation is available here.