Struggling to Make a Mark in the Fashion Ecommere Market?

Unlock a new immersive Shopping Experience. Try the best Product Customizer for unparalleled customer engagement. Boost your e-commerce catalog with the power of 3D & AR.

Personalize, Engage, and Stand Out in Fashion & Luxury

Create an immersive Shopping Experience. Try the best Visual Product Customizer for your e-commerce catalog.

Personalize, Engage, and Stand Out in Fashion & Luxury

Create an immersive Shopping Experience. Try the best Visual Product Customizer for your e-commerce catalog.

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Engage Customers with Custom 3D and AR Experiences

Capture your audience’s attention with an immersive and personalized shopping journey that enhances product discovery.

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Visual Product Customization

Cater to your customers' preferences by providing limitless visual product personalization options, including text, images and design elements.

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3D & AR View

Elevate your product experience with an immersive 3D & AR catalog. Let customers interact and explore every detail of your products across all your company's channels.

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Dynamic Product's Properties

Streamline pricing management with assigned values for customization options and dynamic mark-up prices tailored to customer choices.

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3D Product Configuration

Offer a unique on-demand Shopping Experience with our 3D Configurator. Turn customers into creators and let them build made-to-order products without requiring any 3D expertise.

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Custom Sublimated Products

Stay on-trend and empower customers to create customizable sublimated products with unique colors, texts, logos, and more, all while visualizing them in 3D.

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Orders and Designs Management

Efficiently manage custom orders. Get print-ready files directly in your back-office, cutting out email back-and-forth and reducing manual design tasks.

Slash Sample Costs, Embrace Sustainability

Cut sample and photo costs by using 3D models for your product variants! Let customers customize their choices, and only produce what they design minimizing waste and promoting sustainability.

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Strike a Balance Between Exclusivity and Accessibility

Bridge the gap between maintaining exclusivity and making your products accessible to a broader audience. Offer tailored products in line with the latest fashion trends to appeal to diverse customer segments, while preserving your premium brand image.


With Zakeke, the customer can explore and interact much more, better than before. The 3D Configurator is able to create a dynamic and really immersive experience. This is therefore a very high value in terms of conversion for us.

Francesco Carpineti

Co-Founder & CCO of DIS


Before the cache, we had to get in touch with the customers. They were emailing us their ideas and we in the studio had to take the time and produce designs. Sometimes the process took some weeks. And now it’s just a click of a button: we basically don’t have any more studio hours behind the production.

Kris Hajdu

Owner of Bello Cyclist


One of the things that drew us to Zakeke was their support. We got their help in the backend setting up the products. Once we did that, basically it’s up and running. There’s nothing else that we needed to do to install or you know, add scripts or anything like that.

Jamie Schuster

CEO of Sleefs

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How Zakeke ensures 100% sell-out and promotes sustainability

"Today Zakeke guarantees to us to have a very beautiful quality of 3D visualization. And this helps us to make the consumer conscious of what he is buying. And we can be more sustainable because we avoid to produce a lot of samples. We put in production only what the customer design for him and we have 100% sell-out."
Francesco Carpineti

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