Product Personalization, Made Easy.

Looking for a flexible tool for 2D or 3D product customization? Zakeke is your all-in-one solution for Visual Commerce.

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Zakeke: Powering Business Success In Any Industry

Automate your printing processes with print-ready files
Wave goodbye to manual design tasks, editing errors, and exhaustive design emails.

Easily integrate Zakeke and manage complex print techniques
Effortlessly implement Zakeke into your workflow, aligning with machine rules and adapting to diverse printing methods.

Streamline custom order management
No more issues with real-time customer design. Meet all deadlines - even during peaks - and significantly reduce product returns.


Your Business Needs, Our Solutions

Don’t settle for an ordinary Shopping Experience. Let your customers create their dream products and engage them with a new personalized and immersive shopping journey that enhances product discovery and boosts conversions.

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Visual Product Customizer

Allow your customers to visually personalize your items with unlimited customization options, all while sparing your design team from extra work hours thanks to fulfilment automation.

custom hat

3D Product Configurator

Offer a unique on-demand Shopping Experience with our 3D Configurator. Turn customers into creators and let them build made-to-order products without requiring any 3D expertise.

3d shoes augmented reality

3D & AR Viewer

Enhance product experience with 3D & AR. Allow your customers to get in touch with your products, interacting and exploring every detail across all your company's channels.

3D Asset Manager

3D Digital Asset Manager

Store, manage, and collaborate on your 3D assets with your team from a single place. Streamline your 3D catalog management and showcase your products across all channels in seconds.

Virtual try on glasses

Virtual Try-On

Enable virtual product try-on for faster, confident purchases and reduced returns. Display lifelike details through AR, delivering optimal performance on all devices without Apps downloads.

Discover A World Of Powerful Features.

engraving customization


Discover Visual Product Customizer by Zakeke. See real-time product modifications, answering the question 'How will it be?'

3d catalog

Dynamic Product's Properties

Streamline pricing management with assigned values for customization options and dynamic mark-up prices tailored to customer choices.

Get a Quote

Scale up your processes, deliver a unique buying experience for your sales reps, distributors and customers. Highly configurable products are no problem!

3d model of a bag

Custom Sublimated Products

Stay on-trend and empower customers to create customizable sublimated products with unique colors, texts, logos, and more, all while visualizing them in 3D.

print ready files

Orders and Designs Management

Efficiently manage custom orders. Get print-ready files directly in your back-office, cutting out email back-and-forth and reducing manual design tasks.

Pricing rules

Create advanced price rules to charge your customers for your customizable products, even per single image and display different options to explain those rules to your customers.

14 day free trial – Credit card not required

Define The Perfect Printing Method With 130+ Different Options.

Customize your print-ready files, choose output formats, set text and image parameters, and apply unique effects. Zakeke’s intuitive interface gives you the power to set up your perfect printing method, all within a few clicks.

  • Customization Tool: enable or disable the customization options based on how you print.
  • Effects: Set an Effect if needed: Zakeke allows you to activate special effects for your products that simulate specific production methods. In particular, you can choose among: Engraving or Print on wood in full colors.
  • Fonts: Manage the available fonts for the end-users.
  • Shadow: Zakeke allows you to enable your customers to add shadows to the design elements.
  • Print-Ready Files: you can manage the format and quality of the print-ready files you wish Zakeke to generate and other special options that you can activate for specific needs.
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14 day free trial – No credit card required

custom apparel and shoes

Strike a Balance Between Exclusivity and Accessibility

Bridge the gap between maintaining exclusivity and making your products accessible to a broader audience. Offer tailored products in line with the latest fashion trends to appeal to diverse customer segments, while preserving your premium brand image.

14 day free trial – Credit card not required

Zakeke Is Go-To Platform Among eCommerce Leaders

Kris Hajdu

Owner of Bello Cyclist


Before Zakeke, we had to get in touch with the customers. They were emailing us their ideas and we in the studio had to take the time and produce designs. Sometimes the process took some weeks. And now it’s just a click of a button: we basically don’t have any more studio hours behind the production.

Jamie Schuster

CEO of Sleefs


One of the things that drew us to Zakeke was their support. We got their help in the backend setting up the products. Once we did that, basically it’s up and running. There’s nothing else that we needed to do to install or you know, add scripts or anything like that.

Francesco Carpineti

Co-Founder & CCO of DIS


With Zakeke, the customer can explore and interact much more, better than before. The 3D Configurator is able to create a dynamic and really immersive experience. This is therefore a very high value in terms of conversion for us.

Seamlessly Integrates With All eCommerce Platforms In No Time.

Unlock A New Immersive Shopping Experience.

14 day free trial – No credit card required

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