Elevate Your Printing Game

Automate, Engage, Succeed

Are you looking to keep up with new trends and meet the rising demand for customization without burdening your design team? Do it with Zakeke!

Elevate Your Printing Game: Automate, Engage, Succeed​

Are you looking to keep up with new trends and meet the rising demand for customization without burdening your design team? Do it with Zakeke!

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Streamline Custom Orders for Seamless Printing

Flooded with custom orders and looming deadlines? Let Zakeke streamline your operations.

Unleash Product Personalization

Take your business to new heights by offering customers boundless product customization options, empowering them to personalize their items with text, images, and design elements.

Enhance Product Exploration with 3D & AR Preview

Minimize returns and production mistakes with Zakeke's real-time 3D preview and Augmented Reality (AR) capabilities. Allow your customers to see an accurate representation of their custom creations, empowering them to make confident purchasing decisions.

Effortless Handling of Large Format Files

Your customers can easily upload, view, and interact with their large files, ranging from 50MB to 1GB. Meanwhile, you'll receive print-ready files for large-format printing, including wall/floor coverings, banners, and large posters.

Endless Customization for Web-to-Print Businesses

From text and image customization to showcasing the effects of printing techniques like DTG, sublimation, and screen printing, we empower your business to offer personalized products that captivate your customers.

Streamline Printing Processes with Print-Ready Files

Say goodbye to time-consuming email exchanges and manual design work. Customers easily create custom products, you'll receive the print-ready file directly in your back office. Zakeke supports various formats like PDF, PNG, SVG, and AutoCad DXF, ensuring the right resolution for seamless fulfillment.

Bring Engraving to Life

Unleash realistic engraving effects that showcase the precise look on various materials like wood, glass, or steel. In addition to standard print-ready files, Zakeke also creates print files specifically tailored for engraving in multiple formats.


Ignite Imagination with Personalized Printing

Do you want to offer your customers an easy way to personalize their printed products?

With Zakeke, they can unleash their creativity and enjoy real-time product previews. Our intuitive interface ensures a seamless customization experience, leading to higher customer satisfaction and retention.

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Resolve Printing Challenges with Zakeke's Customization Platform

Streamline Order Management, Enhance Customer Experience, and Boost Your Printing Business.

"Zakeke is the employee I didn't have to hire!"


“Zakeke saves me time by showing customers visual mockups right on my store. Zakeke does the work of an employee my business did not have to hire.”

Aaron S.

Business Owner

"My Experience with Zakeke: Amazing customization!"​


“Super user-friendly interface, easy integration with WordPress, extensive customization options for products, and great customer support!”

Daniel R.

Founding Partner


We probably have at least twice as many sales as we did before we started working with Zakeke. And this is particularly noticeable for the products where we apply the Zakeke design, such as mugs and bottles. These products have increased by at least 100% which is amazing and which has done a really big difference for us.

Fabian Svensson

Full-Stack Developer @ Original People


There were savings in terms of customer service cases and production errors in some products where the lack of previewing did not allow the customer to be sure of what he was sending to print until someone detected it within our team or when the product was already printed.

Fredy Moreno

Printu Growth Manager


The flexibility in this program gave us the opportunities to do doormats and rugs with different bindings and with other configurators it was not that easy or it was not possible to do it like this. We are in the process right now to add many different qualities of rugs, which could be personalized or individually printed. And also we want to increase these possibilities of binding of rugs.

Thomas Wolf

CEO of Unique Carpets

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How Zakeke ensures 100% sell-out and promotes sustainability

"Today Zakeke guarantees to us to have a very beautiful quality of 3D visualization. And this helps us to make the consumer conscious of what he is buying. And we can be more sustainable because we avoid to produce a lot of samples. We put in production only what the customer design for him and we have 100% sell-out."
Francesco Carpineti

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