Zakeke welcomes a new partner: Fluidvoxel

We are delighted to announce our partnership with Fluidvoxel!

Fluidvoxel is Swiss-based studio specialized in 3D product presentation.

It started 5 years ago as a studio for Architectural visualization and with more inquiries for modeling they decided to open a new business related to 3D modeling. Their team counts with 15+ members and it tends to grow more.

Fluidvoxel is specialized in 3D modeling for eCommerce, PBR materialization, Photorealistic Product Rendering and various Product Animations. Lean on your imagination, and they will materialize all your ideas.

Imagine, visualize, materialize is their short motto.

Check out their website: and follow them on Behance:

To get more information on how can Fluidvoxel help you reach out amazing results together with Zakeke, please contact them at

To get more details about our Partner Program check this link

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