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Kickflip vs Zakeke

Whatever eCommerce personalization platform you choose, being affordable, easy to use, and scalable are the pivotal points to consider. As you grow your business, you’ll want to offer more customizable products, or 3D preview, or AR. That's why easy scaling matters. 

Kickflip is a visual customizer offering common tools for 2D personalization, with just 3 native plugins available. No 3D configuration, no AR, no Engraving.

Zakeke, instead, is the most complete Visual Commerce platform that will suite all your needs, whether you're a small printing business looking to automate processes and reduce manual works, or a big international player that need to enhance the gap with the competitors creating an innnovative experience. 

Being a Visual Commerce platform means offer the most updated and fast 2D Visual Customization, 3D Configuration, AR View, Virtual Try-On and soon NFT integration tool out there, even for API integrations. Let's find out why Zakeke is the best Kickflip alternative!

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Why choose Zakeke vs Kickflip?


Kickflip offers you a strict limit to products upload and customization. If you have more than 10 products you can’t calculate the impact of the solution to your business. And first plan comes with a 3-product limit.

Kickflup is integrated with just Shopify, Woocommerce and Prestashop and offers API integration with just some of the highest paid plans available.

Kickflip doesn’t offer a solution for 3D configurations, Augmented Reality, nor a Virtual Try-On or NFT integration.

Kickflip doesn’t offer integrations with the most common apps used to manage an e-commerce or an omnichannel business like Zapier, GTM or Webhooks.

Kickflip doesn’t offer you the chance to have multiple stores with customizable products,.


Zakeke is global, just like your business, and means automation, flexibility and scalability to and for your business, no matter the number of products you sell. Print-file generation, constant feature upgrading, 3rd party apps integrations are part of our platform, not related to you plan or CMS.

Zakeke natively integrates with Shopify, Woocommerce, Wix, Bigcommerce, Prestashop, Etsy, Magento, Salesforce CC, OpenCart, Shopware, Shopwired & with API to your preferred platform, with no difference in features or price. 

Zakeke is the most complete Visual Commerce platform, with tons of features for 2D Customization & Web-To-Print, Engraving, a 3D product configurator, a 3D and AR viewer, an amazing Virtual Try-On, a soon-to-be-launched NFT integration.

Zakeke offer a native integration with Printful, CustomCat, Printeers or your preferred POD & Dropshipping by API connection, native connections with Zapier, OrderDesk, WebHooks, Google Tag Manager, UserGuiding and more!

Zakeke offer you the opportunity to manage and share customizable products between various store, with one single account.

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Create the most innovative shopping experience with Zakeke!

Get Zakeke for your store and find out how it can boost sales and improve your Customers' Experience

Transforming your e-commerce game is easier than ever

With Zakeke, you can offer  a unique shopping experience that fosters brand loyalty and drives sales. Whether you’re in the fashion, home decor, or gift industry, Zakeke has the tools and features you need to stand out in the crowded e-commerce market

Offering seamless integrations with leading e-commerce platforms, such as Shopify, BigCommerce, Etsy, WooCommerce, Wix or API for custom platforms, makes it easy to sell customized products online and also in-store without any hassle or compromising your store speed (Shopify merchants, you know what we mean here). 

And don’t worry about order management, print-ready files, 3rd party integrations, inventory… everything is available, tracked and shared with your store dashboard. 

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Enhance your catalog with 2D, 3D and AR

Give your customers full creative control on how everything looks. Create a memorable way to customize and configure products online and in-store. From customizing colors, fonts, and backgrounds to adding images, texts, parts, materials and designs, the creative possibilities are endless. 

Zakeke even allows customers to preview designs in 3D and augmented reality, giving them a realistic representation of their products before making a purchase. That’s more than just be a Kickflip alternative.

Zakeke provides you with a comprehensive platform for offering infinite visual product customization options to your customers, with a full range of settings designed to simplify your processes and enhance the customer experience. 

Reduce manual work, improve processes and sell more!

When we say that Zakeke is a complete platform, we mean that. Zakeke offers you the opportunity to receive print-ready files for DTG, Engraving, Sublimation, Screenprinting or let you set advanced pricing rules to show different prices based on quantity, setup costs, number of colors, and personalization areas, decide Fonts, Textarts, Cliparts, Product Variants or any other element you want people to customize, in a fun and easy way.

Our platform comes with native POD & Dropshipping integrations, and many more tools to ease your daily life like Hotjar or Google Tag Manager. Plus, you can even add extra Sales Channels to your account and Translate every content available on your store, directly inside Zakeke’s dashboard.

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Etsy Print on Demand customizer

Plans and pricing fitted for all businesses and needs​

You can try out Zakeke for free, no matter your e-commerce platform. Also, don’t worry about the number of products: our Starter plan comes up with 25 published products, not just 3. In addition, API integration is always available, not just for the most expensive plans (do you still have doubts that Zakeke is the best Kickflip alternative?).

Having a free plan forever is nice, but have too many limitations once you upgrade is not ideal, don’t you think? You can even calculate the impact Zakeke might have on your business on our pricing page, with our calculator. Useful, right? 

Scalable and Flexible, all-in-one platform

A cloud-based Visual Commerce platform like Zakeke makes the whole customization process easy to implement and completely scalable. That means that your customers will experience the best Visual shopping experience, on any device and all around the globe

From offering custom T-Shirt prints, to engraved products and even custom 3D & AR product configurations for made-to-order products, no matter what you sell, how and where: Zakeke is your partner in business. 

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Want to see Zakeke in action?

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Take your shop to the next level with Zakeke!

Scale up your business and reduce manual work with the easiest-to-use Visual Commerce Platform