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WooCommerce Product Customizer & Configurator

Turn your WooCommerce store into an extraordinary Shopping Experience with real-time 2D, 3D, AR & Virtual Try-On customization

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More Than a WooCommerce Product Customizer: Our Solution Stack

Visual Product Customizer

Enhance your customers’ experience with comprehensive product personalization – unlimited customization across devices instantly, from text and visuals to complex designs.

Optimize custom order handling with our Product Customizer for WooCommerce: get print-ready files directly, saving time and resources, and ensuring a top-notch Shopping Experience.

woocommerce customizer
3D product configurator for website

3D Product Configurator

Turn your shoppers into creators using Zakeke’s innovative WooCommerce 3D Product Configurator. Enable them to craft their perfect products from scratch, choosing parts, materials, and unique details to express their individuality.

Skip the hassle of coding and 3D modeling. Our platform is user-friendly for both sellers and buyers, offering smooth integration with WooCommerce and leading e-commerce platforms.

3D & AR Viewer

Go beyond a typical WooCommerce Customizer plugin: transform how you display products with our 3D & AR Viewer. Offer a virtual in-store feeling on your customers’ devices, featuring complete 360-degree perspectives, rotations, and detailed zoom-ins.

Effortlessly share your 3D models everywhere. Forget extra apps or plugins – a single link or QR code instantly brings your products to life.

AR configurator for e-commerce
Virtual Tryon tool and customization

Virtual Try-On

Boost your sales and cut down on returns using Zakeke’s Virtual Try-On. Enjoy realistic detail on any device, no extra Apps needed, and use AI to tailor products to customer preferences.

Merge Live Customization with Virtual Try-On: enable customers to design and virtually try on their creations, building trust, enhancing interaction, and minimizing returns.

Custom Watch

Install Zakeke's WooCommerce Product Customizer in < 10 minutes!

Beyond WooCommerce Customization: Elevate Your Store to Excellence

Conversion Rate Increase
+ 0 %

Boost your conversion rates by up to 250% with real-time 3D customization

Design Time
- 0 %

Streamline design workflows, cutting down 90% of manual tasks and editing mistakes

Product Engagement
+ 0 %

Boost interaction with +65% time spent on product pages via 3D customization

Sample & Photoshoots
- 0 %

No more sample and photos costs: Zakeke provides a 3D model for every product variant

Returns and Order Cancellations
- 0 %

Lower return rates by 60% with real-time customer product design experiences

Start with our Product Personalizer for WooCommerce? As easy as 1,2,3!

Zakeke Configurator integration

No Code, Plug&Play Setup

Install Zakeke's WooCommerce Product Customizer easily! Supports all platforms, offers one-click setup, no coding, no IT skills needed.

3D product configurator for website

Running in Days, Not Months

Zakeke setup? It's easy. Just use the backend instructions to quickly build your catalog by importing products from your WooCommerce store.

shopify product customizer

Easy & Fast Interface

Your ready-to-use catalog ensures fast product publishing, no website slowdowns. It's easy to use, drawing in more customers and increasing sales.

A Custom Product Builder For WooCommerce for Every Industry Need

A Sneak Peek of Our WooCommerce Product Customizer's Features

visual product customizer for ecommerce

Limitless Customization Options

Our WooCommerce Product Customizer offers endless customizations: from simple text/image to sophisticated criteria, enabling customers to select materials, finishes, and details for a completely tailored experience.

Custom 3D bottle

3D & Augmented Reality

Provide your customers with an instant 3D visualization of products in your store, delivering a true-to-life depiction through 3D and AR technology. Boost consumer trust, accelerate buying decisions, and reduce returns.

engraved cutting board

Real Engraving Effects

Enable engraving effects with just one click, allowing customers to see the engraving outcome on materials like wood, glass, or steel. Receive files ready for engraving directly in your back-office.

print ready files

Production-Ready Files

Streamline custom order handling. Receive high-quality, production-ready files straight to your back-office, eliminating email exchanges. Our WooCommerce Customizer plugin supports PDF, PNG, SVG, and AutoCad DXF formats.

pricing rules

Dynamic Pricing Rules

Our WordPress Product Customizer enables setting unique product attributes and adding a markup price based on customer customizations, offering real-time price adjustments to your customers.

3D custom shoes

Share & Embed in 3D

Quickly distribute your live 3D collection across all platforms in moments, no coding expertise or third-party apps required. Just use links or QR codes to display your collection universally.

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Install Zakeke's WooCommerce Product Customizer in < 10 minutes!