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3D product visualization is used to give consumers a better idea of what they’re purchasing before they actually buy it. This technology can be especially useful for businesses that offer product customization and configuration.

A 3D product visualization tool can be much more helpful than traditional photos and image descriptions, and customers appreciate being able to see exactly what items look like from a 3D point of view.

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What is 3D Product Visualization?

What is 3D Product Voisualization? It is the process of creating a 3D model of a product and then using that model to display the product on different type of media. Hpw does it work? This technique uses advanced graphics software to create highly realistic models and animations that accurately reflect the look, feel and the features of a product.

Product visualization tools can transform your website, allowing customers to view products in a way they never have before. By visualizing products this way, they can be sure they’re getting exactly what they want — they won’t be surprised to find that their dream sofa looks different from the back upon arrival. 

Product visualization software is what enables businesses to customize, configure, and visualize products in-store and online. 3D commerce allows users to engage with your products in a new and exciting way, boosting your revenue and reducing returns. This is also a great way to digitize your catalog, update your offerings with modern technology, and provide better value to your customers. These tools enable businesses to better serve their customers by allowing them to see objects online as they would appear in-store.

There is a wide range of 3D product visualization services, each of which offers something unique to businesses. Some software is specifically designed for certain types of companies with certain types of products, so be sure to do your research to determine the best 3D software for your business. 

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Benefits of 3D Product Visualization

3d model of a bag

3D product visualization software can remove much of the uncertainty from the purchasing process. Here are some benefits for your e-commerce:

  • Increased sales and reduction of product returns: a 3D product visualization software allows you to showcase your products in a highly engaging and interactive way, which can help you increase sales and can give customers a realistic preview of what they’re buying; 
  • Time and money saving3D product visualization can help you save time and money compared to traditional product photography. Instead of having to take multiple photos of each product, you can create a single 3D model that you can use in multiple ways;
  • Improved Customer Satisfactionwhen customers are able to view products from a 3D perspective, they are less likely to request returns or refunds, because they have a better idea of what they’re purchasing.

With more people shopping online than ever before, it’s critical that businesses adapt to evolving needs and demands, and this includes offering better product descriptions. There is no better way to display your products online than with 3D product visualization tools. 

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E-commerce 3D Product Visualization: how to start

3d viewer zakeke

The demand for 3D product rendering services has grown in recent years thanks to the rise of online shopping. With shoppers unable to view products in-store, it has become even more important for businesses to provide accurate, detailed product descriptions and imagery.

Getting started with 3D product visualization for e-commerce is easier than you might think. There are many companies that offer these kinf of services with affordable and flexible solutions that can be tailored to your specific needs. 

To get started, simply choose a company that you feel confident in, and then work with them to create 3D models of your products. Zakeke is one of them: it is an all-in-one Visual Commerce Platform that helps e-commerce businesses to take their store to the next level thanks to customization, 3D visualization and AR.

With Zakeke’s software, shoppers can easily customize products and see what they look like from all angles. This is not only fun for consumers but can lead to fewer returns and lower levels of dissatisfaction, aiding in your business growth and boosting your revenue stream.

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3D Product Configurator

custom hat

A 3D product configurator allows users to configure items to their preference. One of the great things about a 3D configurator is that it lets customers see how items look before they actually buy them. 

When customizing products, it can be difficult to visualize how certain colors and styles might look, but configuration tools can give you an idea of how things look without actually holding and physically interacting with them. Needless to say, this can be particularly helpful for online shoppers. Instead of having to drive to the store to test things out, they can view products through a configurator tool.

Zakeke’s eCommerce product configurator offers a unique, immersive shopping experience. The product is easy to use, even if you’ve never worked with 3D technology before. Zakeke’s team can assist you along the way, providing expert advice on how to provide custom configuration services to your customers. 

With Zakeke, you get unlimited options for configuration, enabling customers to modify everything from product components to materials. You can also display dynamic pricing that changes as they design their products so that they aren’t hit with a surprise at the end of the customization process. This allows customers to get as creative as they want with their purchases.

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3D Product Viewer

custom furniture

A 3D product viewer showcases products from all angles so that customers know exactly what a product looks like before buying. This technology is heavily dependent on AR, or augmented reality. AR allows users to place digital objects in real-world environments. 

By combining AR with 3D technology, businesses can provide customers with immersive, interactive experiences for product previews. With these tools, you can even see how furniture and other equipment might look in your home, examining it from all sides to find the perfect fit. 

3D product viewing has become especially relevant with the rise of online shopping. Without the ability to “try things on” in the store, so to speak, consumers have become increasingly reliant on this technology to test products. They want to be sure that items, especially customized products, are going to meet their needs, and a 
3D product viewer allows them to get a comprehensive look at items, even though they’re not physically interacting with them.

3D Visualization software like that offered by Zakeke simplifies the buying process and provides consumers with a greater number of customization options. This leads to better outcomes for businesses and customers alike.

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Flex Arcade Case Study

How Zakeke offers the best Visual Shopping Experience on WooCommerce

Product Visualization Software

3d customization

Product visualization software is useful in many ways. First and foremost, when combined with AR, it offers customers a realistic look at products so that they can visualize how certain items might look in different environments. 

Photorealistic product rendering allows users to interact with objects in a way that they couldn’t otherwise. It’s an engaging, innovative alternative to traditional product descriptions and imagery and has become widely used by eCommerce merchants. Customer satisfaction levels are directly tied to satisfaction with products, and visualization software allows them to see exactly what they’re getting.

3D furniture design services allow users to place furniture pieces in real-world environments. For example, if you’re considering buying a kitchen table, you can customize that item, view it from multiple angles, and, using your phone’s camera, place it in your kitchen to see how it would look. This is a great way to test products without having to actually see them in-store. 

By providing these kinds of tools, eCommerce merchants can boost their business success, increase revenue, and improve customer satisfaction. Shoppers today demand new and exciting experiences, and this is especially true of the online space. They want to be sure they’re getting what they want, even if they can’t physically sample the product.

E-commerce 3D Product Visualization examples

3d and tryon

If you’re new to the 3D visualization process, viewing product visualization examples can be extremely helpful. Those that run online businesses can especially benefit from 3D visualization for e-commerce, so becoming familiar with these tools is a great way to transform your business offerings and ensure customer satisfaction. 

Seeing a 3D product online can help you visualize items from the customer’s point of view and see what they see when manipulating digital objects. You can then identify any issues or pain points and work to resolve them as quickly as possible.

Zakeke features numerous success stories detailing how companies have used the platform to create stunning 3D visualization experiences. For example, in one case study, Flex Arcade worked with Zakeke to provide visualization features for their arcade cabinet customization offerings. Customers could view a 3D arcade machine, choose their preferred colors, and ensure that the product met their desired standards.  

This is just one example of how platforms like Zakeke provide new and engaging experiences, allowing customers to choose items and make sure that everything looks the way they want before purchasing. If you work in eCommerce, product visualization software is a must, and Zakeke offers helpful tools for you to get started. 

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