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Sales & Conversions

Zakeke doubles sales by allowing customers to create their dream products

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Efficiency Increase

Zakeke cuts manual tasks and improves design processes efficiency by 90%

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Zakeke reduces returns by 60% showing a 3D preview of custom products

Why Zakeke for your Gadget & Gifting business?

Let your customers create their dream gadgets and gifts

Keep up with new trends and meet your customers needs. Turn your customers into creators by allowing them to create their custom gadgets and gifts with limitless customization options like texts, photos, colors, materials, and more. You are the rule maker, they are the ultimate designers. 

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Streamline your design processes and cut manual work

Save up to 90% of time spent on manual design tasks and streamline custom order management and production. No more endless email back-and-forth with customers to define custom gifts’ design: let customers create their products, you’ll get the correct print-ready file

Reduce lead times and returns and avoid production mistakes

Let your customers easily create custom gadgets on your website and reduce lead times and returns by showing a real-time 3D preview that makes them sure of what they’re buying. Create unique designs, make sure you respect all production deadlines (Christmas, Valentine’s day etc.) and exceed expectations. 

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Boost your sales and improve Customer Experience

Create a custom and interactive Shopping Experience. Boost your sales and increase Customer Satisfaction by allowing customers to create their unique products while you cut internal costs and improve manual processes.

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Get started with Product Customization!

Transform your customers into creators by allowing them to create their custom gadgets and gitfs

Trusted by 7.000+ eCommerce brands globally​

Our solutions for Gadget & Gifting businesses

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Visual Product Customizer

Offer your customers the ability to create their own custom gadgets or gifts directly on your e-commerce without adding work hours to your design team thanks to fulfilment automation. You can offer unlimited visual customization options such as text, images, photos, and design elements.

Let them create the product of their dream on any device and enhance their Shopping Experience with a 3D real-time preview that reduces lead times and returns.

3D Product Configurator

Create an immersive and unique on-demand 3D Shopping Experience. Turn customers into creators and let them build made-to-order products and gifts with colors, materials and details of their choice following all the rules that you’ve set before (you are the only rule maker!).

You don’t need to be a 3D expert to get started with 3D Configurator: it’s easy and simple to use for both you and your customers.

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Exciting Zakeke features for Gadgets & Gifts


No more endless email exchanges to define print files and long times spent on manual design work: customers create their custom gadgets and Zakeke sends you the print-ready file in your back-office. 

Zakeke automates the print file creation process with the right resolution to fulfil the order based on the design approved by the customer. Automate your processes and go to fulfilment in seconds.

Unlimited customizations

Zakeke offers a set of unlimited customization options for packaging products: from simple text and image customization to pre-designed templates that allow customers to personalize their products starting from a pre-made design.

You are the rule maker: you have full control over what customization options are available, empowering customers to create the product of their dreams with your settings.


Zakeke is the best Visual Commerce solution also for engraved gadgets and gifts. It simulates engraving effects that show your customers exactly how the engraving will look on their products, no matter if they’re made of wood, glass or steel.

You don’t have to worry about anything! Zakeke generates engraving-ready files in different formats to fulfil orders based on the design approved by your customers.

Get a quote

Add a “Get a quote” button to your store to allow your customers to send you requests for quotations instead of buying the product directly

When a customer sends a request for quotation you can manage it in your Zakeke back-office or create automations to streamline processes with your ecosystem, while getting print-ready files when customers approve the quotation.

Dynamic pricing rules

Zakeke lets you define simple or advanced pricing rules to easily add a mark-up price to customizable products

You can set simple or advanced pricing rules and your customers will see prices change based on their customization options: you can charge more if customers select a text or a photo, or if they choose a particular dimension or material.

Bulk Variation forms

Allow buyers to add multiple variations of a product to their cart from single customization.

Easily configure products which have variations for bulk purchases. This will simplify the ordering process for any user who would like to order multiple variations of the same product with the same design at the same time. Only one design, only one order, multiple variations 


Visual Customization web to print

Get started with Product Customization!

Transform your customers into creators by allowing them to create their custom gadgets and gitfs

Connect to every eCommerce platform

Put yourself into your customers’ shoes!

Want to know what will your customers see and experience in your eCommerce with Zakeke? Here’s the answer! Experience Zakeke from your customers’ perspective and see how easy it will be to create custom gadgets and gifts on your website with our platform!

A Gadget & Gifting Success Story - Custom Laser Imaging

How Zakeke delivered a massive amount of features at a low pricing point

"If you need to get a custom design done, if you want to be able to show your customer a finished product, you know, if you're doing art, you know, painting, whatever it is, customization work, you know, for the customer helps design, you can't beat Zakeke. It's great."
Don Cook
Custom Laser Imaging Owner

If you don’t believe us, believe them

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