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Enhancing Customer Engagement with effortless, no-code 3D configuration. Empowering customers to create made-to-order products, tailoring components, materials, and details to their style.

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3D Product Configurator
Conversion Rate Increase
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Boost your conversion rates by up to 250% with real-time 3D configuration

Returns and Order Cancellations
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Lower return rates by 60% with high-quality 3D product showcase

Product Engagement
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Boost interaction with +65% time spent on product pages via 3D customization

Why Your Store Needs Zakeke's 3D Product Configurator?

Infinite 3D Customization at your customers' fingertips

Enhance Customer Experience with the ultimate 3D Product Configurator! Empower customers to create their made-to-order products, selecting from endless components and details, all in stunning real-time 3D.

The best part? Their creations always follow your manufacturing rules. Set dynamic pricing that adapts to quantity, materials, and more choices. Watch your offerings uniquely cater to every customer’s wish.

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3D product configurator for website

No-code, 1-click integration & simplified management

Forget coding and complex design! No 3D skills required. Our online Product Configurator is easy for everyone and connects with 1-click to major e-commerce platforms and apps.

Zakeke simplifies your daily tasks and integrates seamlessly with leading tools like Zapier, Orderdesk, WebHooks and Google Tag Manager, streamlining your online business.

Unmatched Shopping Experience: fewer returns, full sell-out

Tackle high return rates and streamline your production with our 3D Configurator software. Elevate Customer Experience by showcasing your products with immersive real-time 3D and AR, eliminating the need for physical samples and extensive photoshoots.

Empower customers to design their products online, and effortlessly receive production-ready files. The result? Maximized sell-out and a surprising 60% reduction in returns!

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3d product configurato software

Expand your reach: Offer quotes for advanced configurations

Don’t let complex configurations limit your customer reach. Our 3D Product Configurator, equipped with advanced visual CPQ software, is tailored to meet the requirements of even the most demanding clients.

Elevate your operations, cater to specific needs, and provide an unmatched buying experience that turns every interaction into an opportunity.

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Turn Shoppers Into Creators, Unlock 3D Customization Now!

A Sneak Peek of Our 3D Product Configurator's Features

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Unlimited Configurations

Our Product Configurator offers a set of unlimited configuration options. Customers can create made-to-order products tailoring components, materials, and details to their style, always following your production rules.

AR viewer

Augmented Reality

AR allows you to offer a real visualization of your products inside the customers’ space, simulating the real fitting of items. 3D & AR reveal hidden details and nuances, enabling granular validation of the design.

pricing rules

Dynamic Pricing Rules

Zakeke allows you to define custom product properties and add a mark-up price based on customers' configuration options, providing dynamic value information to your customers.

Production-Ready Files

Our 3D Product Configurator for e-commerce allows you to effortlessly receive production-ready files with the configuration options chosen by your customers. The result? Maximized sell-out and 60% reduction in returns!

A 3D Product Configurator for Every Industry

1-Click Integration with All eCommerce Platforms

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