Zakeke Visual Commerce for Wix

Increase sales offering product customization on your Wix store. Use Zakeke – Wix Product Customizer to enhance shopping experience with 2D Visual Customization and Zakeke –  3D and AR Viewer to create an immerse shopping experience. Integrate the plugins now, it’s simple & fast!

Our Solutions for Wix

Product Customizer


3D & AR Viewer

Why Zakeke Product Customizer for Wix?

Digital shoppers want products they can customize by themselves. Zakeke provides you a powerful and easy tool for Wix with incredible 2D imagery, cutting-edge customization techonology
and ready-to-print functions.

Product Customization

Create a catalogue of customizable products where shoppers can create their dream product. Zakeke – Wix Visual Customizer offers a set of infinite customization options for your Wix Store: from the simple text and image customization to complex rules for showing the real effect of a method other than printing like engraving and embroidery. Too many features to list all.

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The Only Limit is Your Imagination

Zakeke offers a set of infinite customization options: from the simple text and image customization to complex rules, showing the real effect of different printing techniques like DTG (direct-to-garment printing), sublimation and screen printing. Customize all sides of your product, choose among simple or all-over print, create templates of editable areas and set multiple colors, sizes and styles of the same product.

Why Zakeke 3D and AR Viewer for Wix?

Creating a unique 3D viewer for websites with Augmented Reality has never been easier. Just a click to see a 3D/AR live preview of your products in real life, increasing conversion and customer’s confidence. 

3D & AR Visualization

3D Visualization allows customers to get in touch with the product, exactly as it happens in store. It offers a new way to interact with products. Customers can view a 3D representation of your products from any angle, rotate them, zoom in and so on. They can do everything they would do in real life.

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Seamless. Engaging. Scalable

Zakeke’s 3D & AR viewer is compatible with all major browsers across all platforms. Loads instantly on all devices. No app or plugin installation is required to deliver 3D & AR content to millions of users. Open a link or scan a QR code and evolve your offer in real time.

An immersive product experience for your shoppers

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Of buyers say that the purchase decision is influenced by the quality and quantity of the available product images.
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Of online shoppers demand product customization experiences and prefer brands that offer exclusive experiences.
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Shoppers are willing to spend 17% more than the average price for a better customer experience.

Zakeke, the one-step Visual Commerce Solution for a better customer experience on Wix