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AI-Powered Visual Product Experiences

for Your E-commerce

Don’t settle for the ordinary. Bring AI-powered, seamless visual experiences to your store,
exceed customer expectations, speed up processes, and boost efficiency.

Enhancing Customer and Merchant Experiences with AI

Enhanced Customer Journeys

Using AI to transform customer shopping into a seamless, engaging, and exceptional experience.

AI Product Configurator

Unlock conversational commerce. Enable your customers to design their ideal products in real-time using text or voice commands. AI turns their visions into reality in seconds.

Offer an unparalleled Virtual Try-Ons with hyper-precise fine-tuning and head measurements in seconds, ensuring the perfect fit on any device.

Streamlined Merchant Operations

Leveraging AI to speed up processes, ensuring maximum efficiency and no wasted time for merchants.

AI-Generated 3D Configurations

Speed up configuration setup from days to minutes. Describe configurable features textually, and AI instantly generates attributes, options, and 3D models.

Use AI to create a custom clipart gallery that aligns with your brand identity, enhancing product customization with perfectly matched assets.

No models? No problem. Use AI to create real-time custom mockups and showcase custom products in realistic photos to your customers.

Describe your desired interface in natural language, and AI will instantly create it using predefined custom themes.

Zakeke AI Visual Commerce

Inside Zakeke: AI Magic in Action


Zakeke Named Winner of AI Breakthourgh Awards

Zakeke shines at the AI Breakthrough Awards for ‘Best Use of Virtual Reality for Retail’,
recognized as one of the world’s most innovative tech companies for excellence in Artificial Intelligence.

Your customers expect more.
Increase revenues with our AI-powered Visual Commerce Platform.

Why You and Your Customers Need Zakeke's AI

Better Experiences,
Higher Conversions

Deliver seamless, intuitive, and interactive shopping experiences that wow customers and skyrocket your conversions.

Faster Processes,
Less Manual Work

Let AI handle the tedious tasks, speeding up operations and freeing your team to focus on what matters. Implement Visual Commerce in days.

Brand-Integrated Visual Commerce

Perfectly align Zakeke with your store. Achieve a hyper-customized UI that seamlessly integrates with your brand, thanks to AI-driven precision.