Visual Product Customizer​

Let your customers create their unique products and offer the best Visual Shopping Experience for your store with our Visual Product Customizer!

Allow your customers to visually personalize your items with unlimited customization options, all while sparing your design team from extra work hours thanks to fulfilment automation.

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Manual Tasks and Wasted Time

Streamline design workflows, eliminating 90% of manual tasks and editing mistakes

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Conversion Rate Increase

Boost your conversion rates by up to 250% through live customization, 3D & AR

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Returns and Order Cancellations

Lower return rates by 60% with real-time customer product design experiences

Why You Need a Visual Product Customizer Software?

The only limit is your imagination

Zakeke offers a set of infinite customization options: from the simple text and image customization to complex rules, showing the real effect of different printing techniques like DTG (direct-to-garment printing), sublimation and screen printing. 

Customize all sides of your product, choose among simple or all-over print, create templates of editable areas and set multiple colors, sizes and styles of the same product.

product customization software
product catalog custom

Unlimited opportunities for your business

A catalog of hundreds of products? No problem. With Zakeke product customization software, you can make customizable as many products as you want and connect as many shops as you want with the Sales Channels feature.  

Use your own items or import them from your favorite Print-On-Demand and Dropshipping Service. Automate your workflow integrating Zakeke with your automation tool like Zapier.

Sell more, easier & faster

Zakeke lets you define simple or advanced pricing rules for your products. Show a dynamic price that changes depending on different properties such as quantity, setup costs, colors, and more. 

No more endless email exchanges to define print files and long times spent on manual design work: print-ready files will be accessible from the user-friendly back-office. Zakeke supports PDF, PNG, SVG and AutoCad DXF formats.

visual product customization software with pricing rules
custom cover

A new immersive Shopping Experience

Customers make informed purchases by visualizing how products really look through a realistic 3D model

Augmented Reality brings products to life and enhances Customer Experience, no matter the device, thanks to our responsive product customization tool.

Print hassle-free! The best solution for any size

Zakeke’s Product Customizer offers the perfect solution for every format, even if you offer customizable large prints. Zakeke allows your customers to upload, view, and play with their large files (larger than 50MB and up to 1GB), while you receive print-ready files for large-format printing, such as wall/floor coverings, banners, and large posters.

This solution saves you time and effort while ensuring the highest quality output, meeting your customer’s expectations every time.

Large printing
Product customization

Get Started with Visual Product Customization!

Let your customers create their unique products and create the best Visual Shopping Experience for your store

A Sneak Peek of Our Platform Features

print ready files

Print-Ready Files

Efficiently manage custom orders. Get high-resolution print-ready files directly in your back-office, cutting out email back-and-forth and manual design tasks. Zakeke supports PDF, PNG, SVG and AutoCad DXF formats.

print file output

Printing Methods

Zakeke smoothly blends into your workflow, complying with specific machine directives, including limitations, and adjusting to different printing methods and intricate printing techniques.

Large printing

Large Format Printing

Say goodbye to large printing problems. Zakeke allows customers to upload and interact with large files (up to 1GB), while providing you with high-quality, print-ready files suitable for large-format prints.

print industry customization

Limitless Customization Options

Zakeke provides limitless customization for Web-to-Print businesses: from basic text/image customization to advanced rules, showing the real effects of various printing techniques like DTG, sublimation, and screen printing.

engraving customization

Real Engraving Effects

Activate engraving effects in a single click to show customers how the engraving will look on your products, no matter if they’re made of wood, glass or steel. Then, get engraving-ready files directly in your back-office.

Visual Customization web to print

3D & Augmented Reality

Offer your customers a real-time 3D preview of their customized products, showcasing an authentic representation using 3D and AR. Enhance buyer confidence, speed up purchases, and cut returns.

Seamlessly Integrated With All eCommerce Platforms

Seamlessly integrated with all eCommerce platforms​

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See Our Visual Product Customizer in Action!

Want to know what will your customers see and experience in your eCommerce with Zakeke? Here’s the answer! Experience Zakeke from your customers’ perspective and see how easy it will be to personalize products with our Visual Product Customizer.

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