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Unleash Customers' Creativity & Revolutionize Your Store

Say goodbye to tedious product customization and hello to increased sales and shoppers satisfaction

The most innovative shopping experience ever imagined, at your fingertips

Zakeke is an all-in-one Visual Commerce Platform that empowers businesses to take their e-commerce game to the next level. With Zakeke, you can create an immersive shopping experience for your customers, allowing them to design, personalize and purchase products in 2D, 3D, AR in real-time. 

custom mug

Visual Product Customizer

Set your own rules, let clients customize text, upload images and more showing the real effect of different printing techniques while you get print-ready files and go directly to fullfilment.

hat configuration

3D Product Configurator

Set up made-to-order products in 3D & AR, create unlimited options, pricing rules & conditional settings and let clients select components, change materials, colors & more.

3D and AR chair

3D & AR Viewer

Implement 3D & AR at scale in seconds, enhancing ads, catalogs & social profiles with the most advanced technology using a sharable link, QR code or customizable button.

Virtual Try On for ecommerce

Virtual Try-On

Let customers create and virtually try-on your products before a purchase; enable extra tools like Screenshots, Size Suggestions, Pupillary Distance and share your  models anywhere.

Reduce manual work and streamline processes

custom shirt

Hassle-free operations for your business

Reduce the manual design burden on your shoulder, get your customers involved in all aspects of product customization without any hiccups. Improve your daily management, increase revenues and go-to-print in minutes with Zakeke!

Print-ready files

Automating the print-ready file creation process with the right resolution to fulfill the order based on the design approved by your customers. Zakeke supports SVG, PDF, PNG, DXF.

Printing Methods

Enable or disable customization options based on how you print and personalize settings for your print-ready files and all the customization tools for your products.

Pricing rules

Create advanced price rules to charge your customers for your customizable products, even per single image and display different options to explain those rules to your customers. 

Product variants

Set the variants of your product in your store and, once done, you’ll be able to see them in the step-by-step wizard to create your customizable product.

Advanced Print-ready files builder

Create custom advanced print-ready files like nested and stacked ones, or simply enhance single files with dynamic or fixed fields.

Upload of Large Files

Allow your clients to upload files larger than 50MB and receive print-ready files for large format products such as wall coverings, banners, large posters, and more.

Sales Channels

Connect and manage multiple commerce channels to your Zakeke account and share customizable product on your various shops.

Materials Library

Create and manage materials, save them in your library to re-use it for other 3D objects, within the same 3D model or even for another product.


Translate pre-existing elements of our Back-Office & UI and custom content, such as product variants, alerts, image categories, tools’ names.


Simulate the engraving effect by converting the original images and texts and get the engraving ready files and go directly to fulfilment.

A unique and innovative shopping experience

The only limit is your imagination

With Zakeke, shoppers can personalize products to their liking, whether it’s adding custom text, uploading images, or selecting different colors and materials in 3D. Differentiate your offer in a crowded marketplace and create a lasting impression with your customers.

ecommerce personalization

3D preview & AR

Empower customers to view your catalog in 3D and AR, on your website or other assets, letting them zoom in, out, expand and see every part of your products.

Virtual Try-On

Allow your customers to virtually try a product on their body, face, head via their own mobile phones, in amazing resolution, without the need to download an external app. 

AI-Powered Configuration

Enhance your product customization experience with AI product configuration, letting customers prompt their favourite designs with text or voice, in one click. 

Pre-designed Templates

Create pre-designed templates with editable texts and images for your products, share them between different categories and let people customize them.

PDF & vector upload

Allow users to upload ready-made artworks to your products instead of asking customers to make a design from scratch.

Bulk Variations Form

Allow your customers to buy multiple variants of a product, no matter if it’s a shirt or a mug, at the same time using just one design.

Save & Share design

Let customers save their designs and also share them with anyone to buy the product or keep on customizing the designs. 

Upload images tool

Customers can upload images from local storage, Social Media; Premium Photos and integrate a third-party service as an external source.

Profanity & Image Filter

Prevent customers to use and purchase your products using offensive language and not-allowed images thanks to Artificial Intelligence.

NFT-Enhanced Products

Offer your customers the option to purchase your customized and 3D configured products with an associated NFT.

More flexibility for personalization management

Product configuration ecommerce

Create complex designs in few clics

Quickly create new product designs, add text arts, shapes, collages, and make changes on the fly based on customer demand. Get real-time data analytics, track customer preferences and make informed decisions about future product offerings.

Images and Cliparts

Create and manage galleries of images and cliparts from where your customers can pick elemtents to personalize your products. 

Text Tool

Create texts with effects, shapes, outlines and more; add shadows to the text elements; manage special characters and glyphs.

Shapes and Masks

Create and manages a gallery of shapes that your customers can use to decorate your products or to mask the images.


Zakeke comes with a list of pre-loaded fonts that you can expand by uploading your own fonts as well.

Image editing tools and filters

Allow end-users to edit and manage images when they upload them to customize an item or apply filters and merchants need to get the file for printing with the edited/filtered image.

Background remover and image recoloring

Let your customers remove the background from their images and let/force them to convert multi-color images to a one-color images.

Names and Numbers

Allow your buyers to add multiple variations of a product to their cart and customize some fields while using the same design.

Sync Elements

Create elements that sync among several sides of the same item so that customers may add them and find a synced design, with just one clic. 

Bring automation to scale up your business

Consolidate and integrate your ecosystem

Bring all your tools and shops into one place and plug in apps you are already using in one centralized location. With native integrations and an open API, Zakeke can help you bring all the information together from many disparate dashboards.

3d visualization software

POD and Dropshipping

Sell customizable products from multiple third-party catalogs like Printful, CustomCat, Printeers and your favourite one by API.

Get a Quote tool

Receive requests for quotation for a design instead of just offering puchase options, create a quote and send it back to the user for approval.

3rd Party Integrations

Connect a Google Tag Manager, Hotjar or Zapier account to Zakeke and manage your ecosystem in one easy to use dashboard.


Integrate a hosted order management system to automate and streamline your order workflow.


Use webhooks to build custom automations and workflows for your business.

Dynamic Properties

Create dynamic values on your configurable products other than price, such as weight, height, length, delivery days and more.


We have subscription levels suited for any size organization with several packages and add-ons. Learn about each on our pricing page and calculate the real impact of Zakeke on your business.

Zakeke is a no-code, cloud based, complete plugin that interact with your shopping cart system and provides you with the easiest-to-use admin panel where you can turn the products in your store into customizable products. Your customers personalize your products at your store via an easy and interactive User Interface. You receive production-ready files!

With Zakeke any kind of personalization is possible: enable your customers to decorate products with texts, images and artworks or let them build their own version of your products choosing components, changing elements, and customizing colors and materials. They’ll be able to see the customized product in their real-world thanks to the Augmented Reality. Based on the type of customization you want to offer, make sure you choose the right Zakeke tool.

Zakeke has a dedicated help center with interactive training, feature-based videos, how-to guides, and an amazing support team that can help you solve any issue you might encounter.

The most powerful Visual Commerce Platform

Easy to implement, use, and scale. Explore Zakeke and its smart features — try Zakeke free for two weeks.