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Time on Product Pages

Zakeke boosts the time spent on product pages by showcasing products in 3D & AR

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Efficiency Increase

No more manual tasks: Zakeke boosts Product Configuration process

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Sample & Photo Costs

No more sample and photos costs: Zakeke provides a 3D model for every product variant

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Conversion Rates

Zakeke 3D & AR technology increases conversion rates by up to 250%

Why Zakeke for your Fashion business?

Enhance your product presentation by creating your virtual catalog

Take your collection to the next level to stay ahead of the competition: create your catalog in 3D & AR and showcase every detail of your products across all your company’s channels.

3d asset manager

Let your customers create their made-to-order products

Transform your customers into creators: let them create their custom apparel, bags, shoes or hats with limitless customization options like materials, colors, texts, and more.

Cut sample costs and become more sustainable

No more photography or sample costs for your product variants: create your own 3D models for all personalized variants, cut costs, and become more sustainable.

custom apparel and shoes
bag 3D custom

Create a new immersive Shopping Experience

Showcase your catalog acroos all the company’s channels and boost your sales by providing an immersive and tailor-made Shopping Experience.

Take your collection to the next level!

Create your virtual catalog and let your customers create their custom apparel and accessories

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Our solutions for Fashion & Luxury businesses

Visual Product Customizer

Offer your customers the ability to personalize your products directly on your e-commerce with unlimited visual customization options such as text, images and design elements. Let them create custom apparel and accessories on any device and enhance their Shopping Experience with a 3D real-time preview that reduces lead times and returns.

3D Product Configurator

Offer an immersive and unique on-demand 3D Shopping Experience. Turn customers into creators and let them build made-to-order products with colors, materials and details of their choice. You don’t need to be a 3D expert to get started with 3D Configurator: it’s easy and simple to use for both you and your customers.

3D & AR Viewer

Allow your customers to get in touch with your products thanks to 3D visualization and Augmented Reality. Show your products from every angle, as if customers could touch them, and provide a more realistic representation of them to create the best Visual Shopping Experience ever.

3D Asset Manager

Create your 3D catalog and store, manage, and share all your 3D assets from a single place with a single line of code. Bring your products to life enhancing their details, materials and textures with 3D & AR and share your collection across all your business channels.

Exciting Zakeke features for Fashion & Luxury


Zakeke offers a set of unlimited visual customization and 3D configuration options. From simple text, design, and image customization to the choice of materials, colors, and components of your product, Zakeke offers a comprehensive set of customization features. 

You are the rule maker: you have full control over what customization options are available, empowering your customers to create the product of their dreams with your settings.

Dynamic product’s properties

Zakeke allows you to define custom product properties and assign a value for each option, providing dynamic value information to your customers.

You can set simple or advanced pricing rules to add a mark-up price based on your properties and configuration options: you can charge more if customers select premium materials or textures, or if they choose a particular dimension.

Orders and designs management

Whether you’re talking about Visual Customization or 3D Configuration, Zakeke streamlines processes. Zakeke provides print-ready files in the back-office for Visual Customization, reducing email exchanges and manual design work. 

With 3D Configuration, all customer choices, compositions, and details are saved in the orders dashboard, improving the order management and production process.

& textures

With Zakeke’s advanced 3D & AR technology you can bring your products to life by showing your customers real materials and textures effects.

Allow your customers to view and feel your products from all points of view, highlighting key details such as materials and textures. 

Share and
embed in 3D

With Zakeke’s cutting-edge 3D & AR technology, you can easily showcase your 3D collections everywhere without any additional Apps or Plug-ins

You only have to upload your 3D models and then create a link or a QR code to share it in real-time across all your business channels. 


AR allows you to offer a real visualization of your products inside the customers’ space, simulating the real fitting of items. 

3D & AR reveal details and nuances that otherwise would be hidden in a superficial image of the object. This lets people validate every aspect of the design, even to a granular level.

Take your collection to the next level!

Create your virtual catalog and let your customers create their custom apparel and accessories

Connect to every eCommerce platform

Put yourself into your customers’ shoes!

Want to know what will your customers see and experience in your eCommerce with Zakeke? Here’s the answer! Experience Zakeke from your customers’ perspective and see how easy it will be to create your custom apparel and accessories with our platform!

A Fashion Success Story - Design Italian Shoes

How Zakeke ensures 100% sell-out and promotes sustainability

"Today Zakeke guarantees to us to have a very beautiful quality of 3D visualization. And this helps us to make the consumer conscious of what he is buying. And we can be more sustainable because we avoid to produce a lot of samples. We put in production only what the customer design for him and we have 100% sell-out."
Francesco Carpineti

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