Salesforce Commerce Cloud Product Configurator

Offer an immersive customer experience on your Salesforce Commerce Cloud store. Use Zakeke Product Configurator to enrich shopping experience with 3D and AR. Integrate the plugin now, it’s simple & fast!

Why Zakeke for Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

Zakeke is an out-of-the box solution with incredible 2D imagery, cutting-edge 3D configuration and augmented reality functions to quickly start selling custom products on your Salesforce Commerce Cloud shop. No need to be a 3D or coding expert.

3D Product Configurator

Transform customers into happy creators: this is what Zakeke does. Customers can change material, texture, color, dimensions, parts and much more in real-time. A 2D and 3D configuration as a bridge between customization and interactivity. Let your customers interact with a realistic 3D model to investigate every single detail and be sure of what they are buying.

AR & Live Preview

Just a click to see a live preview of your products. Customers visualize how products really look before checking out. Augmented Reality brings customer experience to the next level. Zakeke is fully responsive and works on any device for a fast and intuitive mobile experience.

Driving eCommerce growth with 3D Product Configuration

Product Customization

Create a catalogue of customizable products where shoppers can create their dream product. Zakeke offers a set of infinite customization options: from the simple text and image customization to complex rules for showing the real effect of a method other than printing like engraving and embroidery. Too many features to list all.

Unlimited Products & Storage

No limits to customizable products. You can sell as many products as you want. Set complex pricing rules and show different prices based on quantity, setup costs, number of colors, and personalization areas All data will be stored in the cloud on the Zakeke system, which means you do not have to worry about the storage quantity needed for 3D images and models.

Engage your buyers with Interactive 3D Product Visualization

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Of buyers use AR and 83% Of them say that the purchase decision is influenced by the quality of product images
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Of online shoppers say they prefer retailers that offer AR and 3D shopping experience
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Shoppers are willing to spend 17% more than the average price for product they can customize using AR

2D, 3D & AR Customization for a better customer experience