Spiff3D vs Zakeke

Zakeke is not only a Spiff3D alternative. It's an all-in-one, flexible and easy-to-use Visual Commerce Platform for any e-commerce business looking to provide a personalized and engaging customer experience in 2D, 3D and AR, while also optimizing their operations and increasing their revenue.

Spiff3D is a tool for product configuration and 2D personalization with lots of limitations, addons for extra developments, no Augmented Reality and no Engraving effects. And that's not all.

The base plan for Spiff3D starts from $ 99 USD for 25 products, while Zakeke starts from only $ 14,90 for the same amount of products. Oh, and Zakeke offers a 30% discount for annual plans.

Quite the difference.

Zakeke offers the most updated, easiest to implement and use solution for 2D Visual Customization, 3D Configuration, AR View, Virtual Try-On and soon NFT customization. There is no need to code, or to be an expert designer. Anyone, no matter the background, no matter the size of the business or the catalog can create customization rules and offer the most innovative and engaging shopping experience ever.

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Why choose Zakeke vs Spiff3D?


Spiff3D starts at $99 USD and offers lots of addons for almost any extra customization or workflow you might want to add to your store. Also, if you have more than 25 products you can’t calculate the impact of the solution to your business. 

Spiff3D is integrated with just Shopify, Woocommerce, BigCommerce and Magento and DOESN’T offers API integration.

Spiff3D doesn’t offer a solution for Augmented Reality, nor a Virtual Try-On or NFT integration.

Spiff3D doesn’t offer integrations with the most common apps used to manage an e-commerce or an omnichannel business like Zapier, GTM or Webhooks.

Spiff3D doesn’t offer you the chance to have multiple stores with customizable products.


Zakeke is a complete platform and gives you automation, flexibility and scalability, no matter the number of products you sell, starting from $14,90 USD. Print-file generation, constant feature upgrading, 3rd party apps integrations are part of our platform, not related to you plan or CMS.

Zakeke natively integrates with Shopify, Woocommerce, Wix, Bigcommerce, Prestashop, Etsy, Magento, Salesforce CC, OpenCart, Shopware, Shopwired & with API to your preferred platform, with no difference in features or price. 

Zakeke is the most complete Visual Commerce platform, with tons of features for 2D Customization & Web-To-Print, Engraving, a 3D product configurator, a 3D and AR viewer, an amazing Virtual Try-On, a soon-to-be-launched NFT integration.

Zakeke offer a native integration with Printful, CustomCat, Printeers or your preferred POD & Dropshipping by API connection, native connections with Zapier, OrderDesk, WebHooks, Google Tag Manager, UserGuiding and more!

Zakeke offer you the opportunity to manage and share customizable products between various store, with one single account.

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Enhance your catalog and wow you customers with Zakeke!

Get Zakeke for your store and find out how it can boost sales and improve your Customers' Experience

Revamp your online shopping offering

With Zakeke, you can easily create and customize your product offerings, providing customers with a unique and engaging shopping experience. Zakeke’s platform offers an extensive range of features, including 3D visualization, augmented reality, and product customization tools, that can help you differentiate yourself from competitors and enhance your customer experience.

No matter the platform you use for managing your store, you can experience the power of Zakeke without any hassle or compromising your store speed thanks to our native plugins and API integration.

Also, you can try Zakeke free for 14-days, without feature limits. Pretty cool ah..

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Boost sales and customer engagement with 2D, 3D and AR

Zakeke’s 2D customization allows you to offer customers the ability to personalize products with text, images, glyphs and more, no matter the printing technique you use. Create a unique product that matches preferences and personality becomes a reality.

The 3D Configuration allows customers to see products in a more realistic and interactive way. They better visualize the product before purchasing, increasing their confidence in the product and reducing the likelihood of returns.

Augmented Reality let people see products in their own environment. This boost engagement by providing a unique and immersive experience just by seeing how the product fits into a space before purchasing.

Streamline customization and design processes

Zakeke provides a comprehensive visual commerce platform that simplifies the product customization and design process. Our platform allows you to easily create and edit customization options without the need for extensive coding or design experience.

With Zakeke you can reduce time-to-market by defining rules that are aligned with your procurement and fulfilment process, your printing technique, your design capabilities. You are the rule maker, customers are the product designers. This process that gives you files ready for printing cuts off repetitive manual tasks, internal workload, lets you respect production deadlines and gives you data about what customers are expecting and desire, making you aware of what path to choose to be more successful online. 

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Don't break the bank, choose affordable and scalable

Let’s break down simple math: $14,90 is less than $99. Right? By the way, for the same product limits. And we agree that paying way more for a solution offering a fraction of the features you might need is not that clever?

Ok, so based on that you can compare what Zakeke brings on the table to what Spiff3D does. And we’re talking just about starter plans. 
More tools, more flexibility in terms of printing effects, more technology (AR above all), more discounts (30% off annual plans), more everything. 

You can even calculate the impact Zakeke might have on your business on our pricing page, with our calculator. Enough, right? 

Bring on a robust, upgraded and user friendly platform

At Zakeke we’re continuously upgrading our features and tools to ensure merchants have access to the latest and most innovative product customization solutions. This commitment to innovation makes Zakeke a preferred choice for online merchants who want to stay ahead of their competition. 

Set up and manage highly dynamic product customization options doesn’t require for extensive technical knowledge using Zakeke, we’ve always taken care of making things easy to understand and use. Zakeke means less complexity and high demanding tasks.

No matter what you sell, where or howZakeke is your Visual partner in business. 

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We're biased, don't take our word for it..​​

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Revolutionize your online shop with Zakeke!

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