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Beyond the Game: Beat The Competition With Custom Sports Gear

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Sales & Conversions

Zakeke boosts sales and conversions without using additional campaign

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Zakeke cuts sample and photo costs by up to 70% thanks to 3D models

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Returns and Order Cancellations

Zakeke reduces returns by 60% by showing a 3D preview of custom products

Why Zakeke for your Sports business?

Meet your customers' needs and let them create their own sports items

Keep up with new trends by offering unique and customizable product lines. Turn your customers into creators by allowing them to choose from limitless customization options to create their custom sports gear from scratch or by using pre-designed templates, customizing just a few fields or the whole design, and then purchasing in bulk.

Custom sport uniforms
sports pants

Streamline your custom order management system

Save up to 90% of time spent on manual tasks and improve your order management system. Let customers easily create their sports merchandise on your website, you’ll get the print-ready file in your back-office

Enhance Customer Engagement and boost Brand Loyalty

Create a new engaging Shopping Experience, enhance Brand Loyalty and expand your online presence by allowing sports lovers to create their custom sports uniforms, apparel and accessories in your store.

baseball uniform custom
Custom sport uniforms

Beat The Competition With Custom Sports Gear!

Transform your customers into creators by allowing them to create their custom sports uniforms and accessories

Trusted by 7.000+ eCommerce brands globally​

Our solutions for Sports businesses

Custom tennis ball

Visual Product Customizer

Offer exclusive customizable product lines by giving your customers the ability to personalize your sports items with unique designs, texts, and styles. Let them create their custom sports gear on any device allowing them to personalize the entire product or just some fields while using the same design, and then buy in bulk. 

Enhance the Shopping Experience by providing a 3D real-time preview of their custom sports apparel and accessories, which will reduce lead times and returns.

3D Product Configurator

Create an immersive and unique on-demand 3D Shopping Experience. Turn customers into creators and let them build made-to-order sports uniforms and accessories with colors, materials and details of their choice following all the rules that you’ve set before (you are the only rule maker!).

You don’t need to be a 3D expert to get started with 3D Configurator: it’s easy and simple to use for both you and your customers.

custom sports gear

Exciting Zakeke features for Sports Gear

Unlimited customization options

From simple texts and designs customization to the choice of materials and components of your product, Zakeke offers a comprehensive set of customization and configuration features for your sports items.

You are the only rule-maker: you have full control over what customization options are available, empowering your customers to create the sports items of their dreams with your settings.

Names &

Let your customers customize only some fields of their custom sports gear (for example names and numbers) while using the same design and buy in bulk by adding multiple variations of their custom products to the cart. 

Uniform customization has never been easier thanks to this tool: our cutting-edge tool allows your clients to effortlessly create their own team uniforms, while you benefit from streamlined custom order management.

3D & AR

Provide your customers with a real-time 3D preview of their custom sports gear that shows how products really look through a realistic 3D model.

Reduce lead time, returns, and production mistakes using 3D and Augmented Reality and allow your customers to see a real representation of the sports items they’ve created.

Easy custom order management

Whether you’re talking about Visual Customization or 3D Configuration, Zakeke streamlines processes. Zakeke provides print-ready files in the back-office for Visual Customization, reducing time waste and manual design work.

With 3D Configuration, all customer choices, designs, and details are saved in the orders dashboard, streamlining the order management and the whole production process.

pricing rules

Zakeke lets you define simple or advanced pricing rules to easily add a mark-up price to customizable sports items.

You can set simple or advanced pricing rules and your customers will see prices change based on different properties and custom options such as quantity, colors, materials, and more. 

Bulk Variation

Let your customers add multiple variations of your sports items to their cart and order multiple sizes or variants of the same item while maintaining the same custom design.

Think about custom sports uniforms for an entire team – this tool is an absolute game-changer, don’t you agree?

Custom sport uniforms

Beat The Competition With Custom Sports Gear!

Transform your customers into creators by allowing them to create their custom sports uniforms and accessories

Connect to every eCommerce platform

Put yourself into your customers’ shoes!

Want to know what will your customers see and experience in your eCommerce with Zakeke? Here’s the answer! Experience Zakeke from your customers’ perspective and see how easy it will be to customize and configure sports uniforms and accessories on your website with our platform!

A Sports Success Story - Sleefs

How Zakeke helps Sleefs drive 10% of sales, without any paid or organic campaigns

“Zakeke gives us the ability to get our customers to build their own products. Otherwise, we can't handle that demand and we know that demand is there.”
Jamie Schuster
Sleefs CEO

If you don’t believe us, believe them

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