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PrestaShop Product Customizer & Configurator

Turn your PrestaShop store into an extraordinary Shopping Experience with real-time 2D, 3D, AR & Virtual Try-On customization

Virtual Tryon tool and customization
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More Than a PrestaShop Product Customizer: Our Solution Stack

Visual Product Customizer

Unlock PrestaShop product customization! Let customers design their dream products with limitless options from text to engravings and enhance their experience with 3D live previews on any device.

The best part? Our Customizer ensures efficient handling of custom orders, delivering print-ready files directly to your back-office.

customization tool for shopify
3D product configurator for website

3D Product Configurator

Turn customers into creators with our PrestaShop Configurator and let them build made-to-order products with colors, materials and components of their choice directly on your store. 

You don’t need to be a 3D expert to get started with 3D Configurator: it’s easy to use for both you and your customers.

3D & AR Viewer

Enhance your product displays with our 3D & AR Viewer. Offer a virtual, interactive experience directly on your customers’ devices, featuring 360-degree views, rotations, and zoom capabilities.

Share your 3D models seamlessly across all platforms using only a link or QR code, without requiring extra apps or plugins, making your products immediately engaging and accessible.

3D custom shoes
VTO Zakeke for Shopify

Virtual Try-On

Increase sales and lower returns with our AI-powered Virtual Try-On. Our completely web-based AI tool provides precise accuracy across all devices without the need for extra apps.

Integrate real-time customization with Virtual Try-On, enabling customers to design and virtually try their creations. Build trust, enhance engagement, and cut returns.

3D product visualization

Install Zakeke's PrestaShop Product Customizer in < 10 minutes!

Beyond PrestaShop Customization: Elevate Your Store to Excellence

Conversion Rate Increase
+ 0 %

Boost your conversion rates by up to 250% with real-time 3D customization

Design Time
- 0 %

Streamline design workflows, cutting down 90% of manual tasks and editing mistakes

Product Engagement
+ 0 %

Boost interaction with +65% time spent on product pages via 3D customization

Sample & Photoshoots
- 0 %

No more sample and photos costs: Zakeke provides a 3D model for every product variant

Returns and Order Cancellations
- 0 %

Lower return rates by 60% with real-time customer product design experiences

Start with our PrestaShop Product Customizer? As easy as 1,2,3!

Zakeke Configurator integration

No Code, Plug&Play Setup

Effortlessly set up our PrestaShop Customizer! Universally compatible, it requires just a simple click for installation, with no coding skills or IT knowledge needed.

Virtual Tryon tool and customization

Running in Days, Not Months

Effortlessly launch Zakeke. Simply follow the step-by-step instructions in the backend to quickly populate your catalog with products from your PrestaShop inventory.

shopify product customizer

Easy & Fast Interface

Your catalog is ready for immediate use, allowing for quick product updates without impacting your site's performance. It's user-friendly, designed to boost sales and conversions.

A PrestaShop Custom Product Designer for Every Industry Need

A Sneak Peek of Our PrestaShop Product Customizer's Features

shopify configurator

Limitless Customization Options

Our PrestaShop Customizer offers endless personalization options, from simple text and photo modifications to advanced choices. Customers can select materials, finishes, and detailed customizations for a tailored experience.

3D & Augmented Reality

Offer your customers instant 3D visualizations of products, providing a true-to-life experience with 3D and AR. This builds consumer trust, speeds up purchasing decisions, and significantly lowers return rates.


Real Engraving Effects

Enable engraving effects with a single click, displaying results on materials such as wood, glass, or steel. Get engraving-ready files directly in your back-office, simplifying production processes and reducing errors.

print ready files

Production-Ready Files

Streamline your custom order workflow. Receive production-ready files directly, eliminating the need for emails and back-and-forth communication. Supports PDF, PNG, SVG, and DXF formats.

pricing rules

Dynamic Pricing Rules

Our PrestaShop Product Customizer allows you to specify unique product features and apply price markups based on customer selections, offering instant price updates to your customers.

3D custom shoes

Share & Embed in 3D

Seamlessly share your 3D collection across all platforms quickly, without requiring coding skills or additional apps. Simply use links or QR codes to universally display your 3D models.

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Install Zakeke's PrestaShop Product Customizer in < 10 minutes!