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Breathe Life into Your Space: Immersive Custom Furniture Experiences with 3D & AR

Custom furniture
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Zakeke boosts conversions thanks to the 3D configuration process

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Zakeke increases the likelihood of buying Furniture using 3D & AR

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Zakeke boosts the time on product pages using 3D & AR

Why Zakeke for your Furniture business?

Adapt to different customer preferences by offering exclusive custom furniture

Keep up with new trends and adapt to changing customer preferences by offering unique and customizable furniture lines

Turn your customers into creators by allowing them to create their made-to-order furniture with their chosen components, colors, and materials and view their custom products in their real environments using 3D and AR.

3d furniture

Unlock limitless design possibilities and configuration options

Furniture often involves intricate designs and multiple components, making customization more complex. 

Zakeke 3D Furniture Configurator makes it easy for your customers, offering a user-friendly interface to create and visualize the products they want with unlimited configuration options while ensuring the feasibility of the final design.

Streamline your custom order management system

Improve your custom order management system efficiency by 3x! Let customers easily create their custom furniture on your website, you’ll get all the information about the custom order in your orders dashboard

No more production mistakes due to various product types, sizes, and complex design options: Zakeke improves your internal processes while ensuring customer satisfaction.

custom gaming machine

Create a new immersive Shopping Experience

Enhance Customer Engagement and expand your online presence by allowing your customers to create their made-to-order sofas, chairs, and tables in your store.

Bring your furniture catalog to life with 3D & AR and create a new immersive Shopping Experience, showing your products from every angle and allowing your customers to view them in real environments to increase trust and conversions.

Create Immersive Custom Furniture Experiences!

Turn your customers into creators by allowing them to create their custom furniture with unlimited designs

Trusted by 7.000+ eCommerce brands globally​

Our solutions for Furniture businesses

Custom furniture

3D Product Configurator

Create an immersive and unique on-demand 3D Shopping Experience. Turn customers into creators and let them build custom furniture with unlimited custom designs, adding components, textures, and materials of their choice following all the rules that you’ve set before (you are the only rule maker!).

You don’t need to be a 3D expert to get started with 3D Furniture Configurator: it’s easy and simple to use for both you and your customers.

3D & AR Viewer

Bring your furniture to life with 3D & AR and showcase every detail of your products across all your company’s channels. Let your customers get in touch with your products, exactly as it happens in-store, and view them from any angle, rotate them, zoom in and so on.

Share your 3D models across all your channels without any other Apps or Plug-ins: just open a link or scan a QR code and your offer evolves in real-time.

3D sofa

Exciting Zakeke features for Furniture


Zakeke offers a set of unlimited configuration options and custom designs. Zakeke lets your customers choose materials, colors, components, and details of your product, managing unlimited options and complex configuration rules.

You are the only rule-maker: you have full control over what configuration options are available, empowering your customers to create the furniture of their dreams with your settings.

Dynamic product's properties

Zakeke allows you to define custom product properties and assign a value for each option, providing dynamic value information to your customers.

You can set simple or advanced pricing rules to add a mark-up price based on your properties and configuration options: you can charge more if customers select premium materials or textures, or if they choose a particular dimension.


AR allows you to offer a real visualization of your furniture inside the customers’ space, letting your customers view your products from any angle, rotate them, zoom in and so on.

3D & AR reveal details and nuances that otherwise would be hidden in a superficial image of the object. This lets people validate every aspect of the design, enhancing all the details that make your furniture exclusive and unique.

Easy custom orders management

Zakeke improves your custom order management system efficiency by 3x by providing all the information about custom orders in your orders dashboard, streamlining the order management and the whole production process.

Share and embed
in 3D

With Zakeke’s cutting-edge 3D & AR technology, you can easily showcase your 3D collections everywhere without additional Apps or Plug-ins

You only have to upload your 3D models and then create a link or a QR code to share it in real-time across all your business channels. 

Get a

Add a “Get a quote” button to your store to allow your customers to send you requests for quotations instead of buying the product directly. 

When a customer sends a request for a quotation you can manage it in your Zakeke back-office or create automation rules to streamline processes within your ecosystem, while getting custom orders information when customers approve the quotation.

Create Immersive Custom Furniture Experiences!

Turn your customers into creators by allowing them to create their custom furniture with unlimited designs

Connect to every eCommerce platform

Put yourself into your customers’ shoes!

Want to know what will your customers see and experience in your eCommerce with Zakeke? Here’s the answer! Experience Zakeke from your customers’ perspective and see how easy it will be to configure your custom furniture and bring them to life with 3D & AR with our platform!

A Furniture Success Story - Unique Carpets

How Zakeke streamlines design processes and improves catalog management

"We sell personalized printed doormats and rugs with many different qualities and sizes. That’s why we were looking for a configurator where customers can do all this kind of work. Zakeke's flexibility gave us the opportunities to do doormats and rugs with different bindings. With other configurators it was not that easy or it was not possible."
Unique Carpets CEO

If you don’t believe us, believe them

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