Upgrade Your Customer Experience with our Virtual Try-On Tool

Easy to use, super-fast, and works seamlessly across all devices without any downloads.

Give customers crystal clear visuals with our state-of-the-art Pupillary Distance tech, WebAR support, and speedy loading.

VTO glasses
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Conversion Rates Boost

3D models and AR technology boost product page conversion rates by up to 250%

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Of Customers Love 3D Models

70% of consumers prefer interactive 3D models over video and images

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Of Customers Will Demand 3D Experiences

By 2026, 60% of consumers will crave 3D retail experiences

Why Zakeke Virtual Try-On Software for Your Business?

Craft your Try-Before-You-Buy Experience without any Apps

Speed up your sales and curb returns with our Virtual Try-On for your eyewear range. Our WebAR technology delivers hyper-realistic detail on any device, no download needed.

Effortlessly integrate this tool across your platforms with QR codes, links, or iframes and create your seamless, custom shopping journey.

VTO glasses
Virtual try on glasses

Redefine Accuracy with our Revolutionary Pupillary Distance Tool

Ensure your customers the best performance with our Al-driven scale technology, accurately measuring head size.

Our Pupillary Distance tool simplifies PD calculation, fitting the head in an on-screen frame. Replace tedious video measurements with a quick, user-friendly experience for unmatched results and performance.

Let customers try-on their custom-created glasses

Transform shopping with 3D Configuration and Try-On  Technology. Customers can design their perfect glasses and instantly try them on via your website.

Our technology leverages runtime 3D models, providing customers with a fully customized experience that increases confidence, lowers returns, and eliminate the need for samples.

custom glass
Virtual TryOn

Beyond eyewear: embrace the incoming Visual Revolution!

Virtual Try-On is not just for glasses! Experience the future
where Virtual Try-On expands to hats, jewelry, shoes,
cosmetics, and beyond.

This is just a glimpse of the thrilling features we at Zakeke are developing for innovative eCommerce Brands.

Empower customers to make better choices by “trying on” products directly online, leading to more sales and reduced returns.

Virtual tryon shoes

Unlock the power of Virtual Try-On!

Let your customers virtually try your products before making a purchase, seamlessly from any device!

Live Customization Meets Virtual Try-On with Zakeke

Seamlessly Integrated With All eCommerce Platforms


Seamlessly integrated with all eCommerce platforms​

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Why our Virtual Try-On Software for Your Store?

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No Apps

Our WebAR Virtual Try-On technology works on any device, without any Apps downloads or installations

Runtime 3D Models

Zakeke leverages runtime and realistic 3D models, providing customers with a fully customized experience

3D object
Top Quality Performance

Our AI-based scale technology automatically calculates the pupillary distance through AR

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Flexible Experience

Integrate the Try-On anywhere you want, share it on your store or across other channels using QR codes, links, or iframes

See Our Virtual Try-On in Action!

Want to know what will your customers see and experience with Zakeke’s Virtual Try-On? Here’s the answer! Experience Zakeke from your customers’ perspective, try out our tool and unlock the Virtual Try-On power for your store!

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