Increase productivity and collaboration with our 3D Asset Manager

Easily store, manage, and collaborate on your 3D assets with your team. Streamline your 3D catalog management on a single platform and showcase your products across all channels in seconds!

Zakeke’s 3D Digital Asset Manager is currently in a closed BetaIf you want to learn more, schedule a Free Demo with our Consultants.

3D Asset Manager
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Why You Need a 3D Asset Manager?

Store, manage, and collaborate on your 3D assets with your team from a single place

Seamlessly centralize and streamline your virtual catalog management! Say goodbye to scattered files and hassles for your 3D team and embrace a unified platform. Handle unlimited assets with ease on a single, unlimited storage platform. Collaborate with your team, make bulk modifications, and boost productivity.

3D asset manager and model creator
3D custom shoes

Supercharge your marketing campaigns with dynamic 360° GIFs and videos

Elevate your product presentation and improve your marketing campaigns! Generate dynamic 360° GIFs and videos automatically, while embracing the power of 3D and AR. Create the best Visual Shopping Experience ever and boost your marketing and sales results by up to 90%!

No code skills required! Instantly share 3D models and skyrocket your conversions

Seamlessly share your 3D catalog across all channels in seconds without any code skills required, simply using links or QR codes. Whether it’s with sales teams, marketing campaigns, or e-commerce stores, leave a lasting impression on your audience and boost your conversions.

custom apparel

Cut sample & photos costs and embrace sustainability

No more costs for photography or samples! Our platform allows you to easily create and manage unlimited color and material combinations using 3D models. Enhance your product details and achieve the perfect cost-effective balance. Boost your business without extra costs!

3D Asset Manager

Take Your Virtual Catalog Management to The Next Level!

Want to know more about our new 3D Asset Manager? Book your guided tour of the platform!

Why Our 3D Asset Manager?

icon integration

No IT skills required. Copy, paste, and let the fun begin! Our HTML5 code will seamlessly integrate into your e-commerce site

Easy Management

Easily store, manage and share hundreds of 3D models, gifs, images, and videos from a single platform with unlimited storage space

icon people

Make your teamwork a breeze by inviting your team to collaborate on the platform and easily managing permissions rights

icon grow
Performance Analysis

Analyze the performance of your 3D assets by monitoring model views to constantly improve your Customer Experience

Connect to Every eCommerce Platform

How To Get Started

files upload

Sign in using your account details. Don’t have your own 3D assets? Contact us for your first 3D models

3D visuals

Organize your collection, make bulk changes, and easily manage all your 3D assets in one central hub


Take control of your 3D models: export and seamlessly share them on your website and across all your channels

Boost Your Results with These Complementary Products

3D Product Configurator

Don’t settle for a 3D catalog – turn your customers into creators and let them build made-to-order products with colors, materials and details of their choice. Leverage the power of 3D visualization and configuration to offer a unique and custom Shopping Experience and meet all your customers’ desires!

3D & AR Viewer

Share your 3D models on all your business channels and create an immersive Shopping Experience with Augmented Reality. Allow your customers to get in touch with your products and view them from every angle to provide a more realistic representation of your catalog and boost sales.

3D viewer Zakeke

Unleashing The Results You Desire

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Product Engagement

Increase product pages engagement with 3D and AR visualization

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Conversion Rates

Boost sales and increase your conversion rates up to 90% with your 3D catalog

- 0 %
Abandoned Carts

Make your customers more confident of their purchases thanks to 3D and AR

- 0 %
Sample & Photo Costs

Cut sample and photo costs by creating a 3D model for every product variant

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is the Right Tool for Your Business