How to use eCommerce Personalization to boost online sales

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In today’s white-hot eCommerce market, differentiating yourself from the growing number of competitors in your space is more challenging than ever. 

More people are shopping online than ever before. Consumers are looking for the reason they would choose you over another. Do you know what it is?

Based on world-renown market research, customers are constantly looking for personalized experiences. That’s where eCommerce personalization comes into play.

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What is eCommerce personalization?

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Basically, this term refers to the practice of giving your customers the opportunity to make customized designs on their own products. This customization can cover a variety of things, from custom T-Shirt prints to engraved products and even custom product configurations.

Product configuration is a feature that allows your customers to build their own products from a series of components. For example, a customer could design their own hat by choosing its color, ribbon, lining, feather, etc. Consumers are generally tired of simply purchasing generic products. They’re excited about unique products and the freedom to make purchases that reflect their personality. 

There are so many reasons why setting up an eCommerce customization solution is a great idea for retailers and eCommerce brands. This can be a great way to provide an experience that is both unique and memorable for your customers so that they will keep coming back again and again. 

You might think that setting up something like this would be difficult and require technical experts, but there are solutions available, such as Zakeke, that make the whole process easy to implement and completely scalable. Zakeke also provides a unique level of support, meaning that you always have someone to speak to for help as you move through the process. 

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A Personalized Shopping Experience

The opportunity to customize products is not the only element of a solid personalized shopping experience. Personalization includes personalizing every touchpoint the customer has with your organization. One of the ways you can provide this is through personalized promotions

Personalized promotions are a program where you provide recommendations and special offers based on the data you’ve collected about the customer’s past purchases and preferences. Ideally, these offers will not be targeted broadly (i.e., to those who celebrate Christmas) but to each customer specifically. Research has shown that effective online personalization can result in boosts to your conversion rates and sales.

Another way to offer personalization is to recommend purchases that are frequently combined with the product the person is looking at. This kind of feature can be helpful in ensuring the customer has purchased everything they need for their activity or goal. There are many personalized content examples that show how important all of this is to the success of your business in the eCommerce space. 

One such example is interactive quizzes. Several online brands have started offering quizzes like this so that they can then offer personalized recommendations of products that are ideal for their specific situation. Another example is a personalized, mobile newsfeed based on the preferences your customers have shown by their interactions with products on your website. These are all great ways to provide a more personalized shopping experience, along with giving your customers the option to customize their own products.

Ecommerce Personalization Trends

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Website personalization statistics are showing certain eCommerce personalization stats are on the rise. In the past, people bought products to fit into certain groups or categories. Nowadays, the trends indicate that consumers have more of a desire to stand out from the crowd. 

We have identified five different primary eCommerce personalization trends

Using AI to personalize offers

Dynamic, Single Page Personalization

Curated Subscription Services

Embracing Augmented Reality

Bespoke Goods In Real-Time

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As we have already mentioned, personalized offers are integral to your online experience for customers. This requires the collection of a great deal of data and then analysis of that data to be able to provide these kinds of offers. The ideal way to accomplish this for so many customers at once is to rely on artificial intelligence to do it automatically. 

Single page personalization is where you offer product customization on one page, making it easy for them to get exactly what they want. Curated subscription services are services where selected items are sent to individuals on a regular basis based on their preferences.

Augmented Reality (AR) is another way you can offer personalization. For example, you could set up a system whereby a customer could “try on” a pair of glasses or shoes with their phone. Bespoke Goods refers to the trend that more and more customers are requesting the ability to use a 3D preview to completely customize their products and know exactly what they will look like when they arrive in the mail. 

These are all major trends in the eCommerce space that you should be aware of. Zakeke offers several different solutions that make it easy for you to provide all of these kinds of services and functionalities to your customers.

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Benefits Of Personalization In Ecommerce

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The importance of personalization in e-Commerce cannot be understated. Let’s consider some of the many benefits of eCommerce personalization. Firstly, personalization addresses the rising need for exclusivity that consumers are experiencing. There’s nothing more exclusive than a product designed by yourself, for yourself

Secondly, personalization offers a way to build more customer engagement. Instead of just apathetically scrolling through your site, you could have them leaning in, excited to be designing their own custom products. Your customers want to express themselves more than ever before. Give them the ability to do that through your products at your online store. This kind of engagement results in higher customer satisfaction and more customer loyalty. 

If the customization process is easy-to-use, your customers will be grateful for the opportunity to create their own products. This will result in a high ROI in the form of more conversions and more return customers. These are the real benefits of personalization in eCommerce. 

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Putting Together a Website Personalization Strategy

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In order to accomplish anything, you need a plan. In order to successfully create a personalized eCommerce experience for every single customer, you need a comprehensive website personalization strategyThis strategy consists of all the actions you’ll need to take in order to achieve your goals. 

These will include your data collection and analysis activities that will be required in order for you to learn more about your customers so that you can segment them into smaller target markets. A strategy like this should also include measurable personalization KPIs or key performance indicators so that you can always know you’re on the right track. 

Some examples of eCommerce personalization metrics include revenue per visit, conversion rate, shopping cart abandonment, and customer lifetime value. By tracking these personalization benchmarks, you can have a better idea of if your website personalization strategy is working or not.

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Ecommerce Personalization Examples

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There are plenty of examples of personalization and customization in e-Commerce to choose from. Consider the rise of small online retailers who have grown their brands on the basis of their customization services. Sometimes, website personalization examples can be simple. For instance, a website that greets you by your name if you are a returning customer is one of many excellent eCommerce personalization examples. 

The best website personalization examples show how even the smallest details can go a long way to help your customers feel valued. At the end of the day, offering them the ability to customize their own products is one of the best ways to give them a completely customized eCommerce experience.

Ecommerce Personalization Platform

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One of the key components of any website personalization strategy is knowing the tools you’re going to use to execute your plans and reach your goals. A personalization platform is a great place to start. A personalization platform enables you to offer a custom experience for each customer where they have the opportunity to design their own products. For example, a Shopify personalization platform would be compatible with the Shopify platform and enable you to provide this kind of functionality.

It’s important that whatever eCommerce personalization platform you choose, be affordable, easy to use, and scalable. As you grow your business, you’ll want to offer more customizable products, which is why easy scaling matters. Furthermore, if your platform is difficult to use or implement, your customers will not appreciate it. 

One excellent example of an eCommerce personalization platform like this is Zakeke. Zakeke allows you to turn any item in your store into a customizable product with real-time 2D, 3D, & AR experiences. Plus, it is already compatible with all the major eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, Shopwired, SalesForce, WooCommerce, and more!

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