3D furniture design and visualization: benefits and applications in e-commerce

3d furniture design

As in all sectors, the furniture industry is becoming increasingly digital and competitive. Consumers are constantly looking for immersive and high-quality experiences. Merchants don’t only have to offer quality products, but also they have to present products accurately to customers, allowing them to have a unique Shopping Experience.

Therefore, even a market like Furniture & Equipment must necessarily adapt to new standards and evolve in this direction. How? By embracing new technologies, such as 3D visualization and Augmented Reality.

Especially for those with an e-commerce store, it is crucial to present their products in the best possible way, highlighting materials, colors, and above all, allowing customers to visualize them in a real environment. This is where Visual Commerce with 3D furniture design and visualization comes into play.

Let’s explore how technologies such as 3D & AR can improve performance in the furniture industry and build a better Shopping Experience for customers.


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What are 3D furniture design and visualization?

3D furniture design is the process of creating digital 3D models of furniture and visualizing them in a virtual environment. 3D technology brings products to life, allowing customers to see them from every angle and in much more detail.

3D Visualization and Augmented Reality can be particularly useful, especially for the e-commerce world. These technologies allow merchants to showcase their products by recreating the in-store Shopping Experience

Creating a 3D sofa or rug allows designers to highlight the product details, while using AR allows customers to position it in a real environment, helping the customer make their purchasing decision.

augmented reality furniture

Applications of 3D furniture design and visualization

How can you use 3D furniture design? This technology can be used both in the physical world, for example, to test a type of furniture, and in the digital world, to sell furniture online.

  • Use in Furniture Design

3D furniture design and visualization are used in both residential and commercial furniture design. Designers can create custom furniture designs for individual clients, or they can create furniture for hotels, restaurants, and other commercial spaces. In this way, it is possible to test a type of furniture within an environment simply by using the technology.

  • Use in E-commerce and Online Market

3D technology is increasingly being integrated into e-commerce and online sales platforms to enhance the Shopping Experience for customers. As we have already mentioned, a 3D & AR model allows customers to see the product exactly as it is in a physical store, making the online experience immersive and real.

Benefits of 3D furniture builder in design and interior decoration

One of the most common uses of 3D technology in the furniture industry is certainly in the world of design and interior decoration. Using 3D technology in furniture design offers many benefits, including:

  • Reduced costs: by creating and testing designs in a virtual environment, designers can avoid creating physical prototypes and reduce production costs;
  • Faster design process: 3D technology enables designers to create and test multiple designs quickly, reducing production time and improving the process. This saves time and money, as well as reduces waste;
  • Improved accuracy: 3D models allow designers to create highly accurate and detailed models;
  • Better visualization: 3D visualization allows designers and customers to see furniture designs from all angles in different environments, making them sure of what they’re buying.

Benefits of AR & 3D furniture visualizer in e-commerce

As we’ve already said, using 3D commerce offers many advantages, especially for those who manage an online shop:

  • Better product visualization

One of the biggest advantages that 3D technology offers in the e-commerce world is the ability to bring products to life, allowing customers to visualize them as if they were inside a store.

  • Product visualization in a real environment

3D furniture builder software allows you to show the product from all angles and place it in a real environment, speeding up the customer’s decision-making process.

  • Creation of marketing assets

Creating a 3D furniture catalog can be a winning strategy for marketing activities. Sharing 3D models is more effective than sharing simple photos, and allows customers to have an immersive and interactive experience.

  • Reducing lead time and returns

For those who sell furniture online, 3D and AR are important allies in reducing lead time and returns. With better visualization, customers can simply create an idea of the product and know what they’re buying.

  • Enhancing materials, textures, and details

3D furniture visualization software allows you to highlight products details more than a simple photo or image. This way, customers can see the details more closely and complete the purchasing process more quickly.

virtual reality and ar

How to get started with 3D furniture visualization in your e-commerce

If you’re interested in using 3D furniture design and visualization in your e-commerce store, you can start by using Zakeke, our all-in-one Visual Commerce Platform that empowers e-commerce brands by providing their customers with product customization and 3D configuration capabilities in 2D, 3D and Augmented Reality. 

With Zakeke you can bring your products to life by creating a realistic view of them using 3D & AR and enhancing details such as materials and textures. Zakeke helps your businesses scale up by building an innovative and interactive Shopping Experience and boosting your sales and conversion rates.

How to get started? Zakeke integrates seamlessly with all leading e-commerce platforms. You can integrate Zakeke, create your 3D catalogue (and make your product customizable) and then showcase your models on all your business channels!


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