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Zakeke Named Winner of AI Breakthrough Awards for ‘Best Use of Virtual Reality for Retail’

Zakeke Named Winner of AI Breakthrough Awards

The award highlights Zakeke’s creative and advanced implementation of AI in Visual Commerce and immersive technologies.

It’s official! We’ve been named a winner in the 7th edition of the AI Breakthrough Awards, recognized as one of the world’s most innovative tech companies in Artificial Intelligence.

The AI Breakthrough Awards, organized by Tech Breakthrough, a premier market intelligence and recognition platform, celebrates excellence in AI technology across the global market. This year, we are recognized alongside notable winners such as NVIDIA, Adobe, Lenovo, SAP, Dell, and OpenAI.

This award is a testament to our dedication to empowering merchants and revolutionizing customer-brand interactions. By integrating new AI features, we aim to further enhance the customer experience and streamline processes for merchants, facilitating the effortless adoption of new technologies with minimal operational burden and cost.

Key Zakeke’s AI-powered features include:

  • AI Product Configurator: Automates the personalization process, enabling users to customize products online in real-time using text or voice commands.
  • AI Measurement & Fine Tuning: Ensures a perfect fit experience everywhere with hyper-precise fine-tuning for each customer.
  • AI-Generated 3D Configuratios: Lets merchants describe configurable features textually, with AI generating attributes, options, and 3D models, speeding up the setup process.
  • ClipArt Gallery Creation: Uses AI to create a custom clipart gallery tailored to merchants’ brand identity, enhancing product customization with matched assets.
  • AI Mockup Generator: Creates real-time custom mockups to showcase custom products in realistic photos.
  • Custom UI Generation: Allows merchants to describe desired interfaces in natural language, with AI creating these interfaces from predefined custom themes.

“Recent innovation in AI has transformed how we approach visual commerce,” says Angelo Coletta, our CEO. “This award highlights our team’s efforts. We’re focused on using AI to enhance shopping experiences and streamline merchant processes, redefining the way customers interact with retailers.”


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