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Zakeke Tops G2 Summer 2024 Reports with 16 Badges

Zakeke Leader G2 Summer Reports

Hot Off the Press: G2 Summer 2024 Reports are finally here!

Zakeke shines once again, marking its 7th consecutive season as a Leader in Visual Commerce. This summer, we’ve earned 16 badges across Product Customization, Visual Configuration, and AR Visualization.

A heartfelt thank you to our amazing customers – your unwavering support and valuable feedback drive our continuous improvement.

Explore the G2 Summer 2024 Reports to see why Zakeke stands out!

Excelling Again in Visual Customization and AR Visualization

The flowers are blooming and so is Zakeke! Once again, we shine as a Leader in the G2 Grid® Report for Visual Product Customization and AR Visualization.

Zakeke leads the way in e-commerce innovation, redefining how customers engage with brands and transforming shopping journeys into extraordinary experiences, all while streamlining tasks and processes for merchants.

We’re also proud to maintain our status as a top choice for Visual Customization for Small Businesses, with a commitment to driving growth through innovation and automation for startups and small businesses.

Shining Again: EMEA’s Leader and Momentum Leader

For the fourth consecutive season, Zakeke has proudly achieved the following awards:

Celebrating More Achievements

This season, Zakeke has earned more top awards:

  • Highest User Adoption in Visual product Customization;
  • Most Implementable Solution in Visual Product Customization;
  • Best Usability in Visual Product Customization and Visual Configuration;
  • Easiest Admin in Visual Product Customization;
  • Best Est. ROI in Visual Product Customization;
  • Best Results in Visual Product Customization and Visual Configuration;
  • High Performer in Visual Configuration and E-commerce.

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