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3D & AR Viewer ​

Your Products Come To Life,
Shaping The Ultimate Shopping Experience

Crafting your catalog in 3D & AR: showcasing every detail across all channels. Present your products from every angle, elevating Visual Experiences to boost conversions and confidence.

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Product Engagement
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Boost interaction with +65% time spent on product pages via 3D & AR

Conversion Rate Increase
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Boost your conversion rates by up to 250% with real-time 3D experiences

Returns and Order Cancellations
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Lower return rates by 60% with high-quality 3D product showcase

Why Your Store Needs Zakeke's 3D & Augmented Reality Viewer?

Hyper-realistic 3D catalog, unparalleled engagement

Ditch static images for immersive shopping. With our user-friendly, hyper-realistic 3D Viewer, bring your catalog to life and offer customers an in-store experience on their screens.

Whether selling apparel or accessories, our 3D visualization increases buyer confidence and reduces returns, all without the need for complex coding or 3D design skills.

3D custom shoes

No-Code, No-App Integration: Share Seamlessly Across All Platforms

Forget the code hassles! No need for 3D expertise here. Effortlessly showcase your 3D catalog and AR products across every platform instantly, without Apps or plugins – just use links or QR codes.

From sales teams to marketing drives, and online stores, make a memorable impact on your viewers and elevate your conversion rates.

Boost marketing with hyper-realistic, engaging content

Give your marketing efforts a significant lift! Enhance your marketing campaigns with the magic of dynamic 360° GIFs and video, leveraging the cutting-edge capabilities of our AR & 3D visualization software.

Craft the most visually stunning shopping experience possible, and see your marketing and sales performance soar by up to 90%!

3d bag for wix
Configurator of a shoe

Fully-customized Experience: view & customize, all in one place

Transform shopping with 3D, AR and Real-Time Customization. Customers can design their dream products and instantly see them in their real spaces or try them on via our Virtual Try-On tool.

Our technology allows you to offer immersive and customized experiences all in one platform, providing customers with a fully customized experience that increases confidence and lower returns.

3D and AR viewer

Bring Your Catalog To Life, Unlock 3D & AR Now!

A Sneak Peek of Our 3D & AR Viewer's Features

3d asset manager

Share & Embed in 3D

Showcase your 3D collections with our 3D & AR viewer, easily across all channels without extra apps or plugins. Just upload your models and share them in real-time via a link or QR code, enhancing your visual presence.

AR configurator for e-commerce

Augmented Reality

AR allows you to offer a real visualization of your products inside the customers’ space, simulating the real fitting of items. 3D & AR reveal hidden details and nuances, enabling granular validation of the design.

product customizer woocommerce

Enhanced Materials

Engage customers with 3D & AR product visualization, showcasing your catalog's details. Present real materials and textures in vivid 3D and AR for a shopping experience that mirrors the sensation of a physical store visit.

3d % ar ecommerce

Upload & Manage Textures

Provide a sensory shopping experience with 3D & AR, highlighting your products' textures. Our 3D product Visualizer allows customers to explore in detail, immersing them in tactile sensations and bringing items to life.

An Online 3D Viewer for Every Industry

Getting Started With Our 3D & AR Viewer? Easy as 1,2,3...

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Upload Your 3D Models

Upload your 3D models and Zakeke will create an optimized version with built-in AR.


Create Your Link/QR Code

Create & embed the link or QR code to your website, Social Media channels or sales decks.

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Share Your 3D Products

Publish 3D and Augmented Reality products anywhere, on all platforms, effortlessly.

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