3D & AR Viewer ​

Use 3D visualization and AR to bring your products to life and enhance Customer Experience!

Create your catalog in 3D & AR and showcase every detail of your products across all your company’s channels. Show your products from every angle and build the best Visual Experience to increase conversions and confidence. 

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3D and AR viewer
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Time on Product Pages

Boost the time spent on your product pages by showcasing products in 3D & AR

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Conversion Rate Increase

Boost your conversion rates by up to 250% through live customization, 3D & AR

Why You Need a 3D Viewer?

A digital product catalogue

Why showcase your product details only with images? Use 3D models to show your product from all points of view to your internal staff or to your customers. 

Digitize your catalogue to gain more customers and to innovate your catalogue management. No matter what you are selling. 

Innovative & engaging

3D Visualization allows customers to get in touch with the product, exactly as it happens in store. It offers a new way to interact with products. 

Customers can view a 3D representation of your products from any angle, rotate them, zoom in and so on. They can do everything they would do in real life with our 3D & AR Viewer.


Rotate & Zoom

The most interactive Visual Experience

Augmented Reality function brings products to life and enhances Customer Experience. Just a click to see a 3D live preview of your products in real life, increasing conversion and confidence.

Showing a canvas on a wall or a sofa in a room has never been easier thanks to our 3D & AR Viewer.

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3D and AR viewer

Unlock The Power of 3D & AR!

Bring your products to life and create the besy Visual Shopping Experience for your customers

3d furniture

Seamless, engaging, scalable

Zakeke’s 3D & AR viewer is compatible with all major browsers across all platforms. Loads instantly on all devices. 

No App or plugin installation is required to deliver 3D & AR content to millions of users. Open a link or scan a QR code and evolve your offer in real time.

View, customize & configure, all in one place

Scale your business with our Visual Commerce Suite. Customization & Configuration, all in one platform.

Turn your viewer into a powerful 3D product configurator with our Professional Suite and add a revolutionary offer to your clients. Learn more about our 3D Configurator.

AR chair view

A Sneak Peek of Our Platform Features

3d asset manager

Share and embed

With Zakeke's cutting-edge 3D & AR technology, you can easily showcase your 3D collections everywhere without any additional Apps or Plug-ins. You only have to upload your 3D models and then create a link or a QR code to share it in real-time across all your business channels.

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Create the materials

Use 3D & AR Visualization to engage users and easily show your catalog in unique detail. Showcase real materials and textures in stunning 3D and AR, providing your customers with a Shopping Experience that feels just like being in a physical store.

3d % ar ecommerce

Upload and manage textures

Give your customers the gift of a truly sensory shopping experience by showcasing the real textures of your products in stunning 3D and AR. With our 3D Viewer, customers can immerse themselves in a world of tactile sensations, exploring every detail of your products.

Scaling Your Business Has Never Been So Easy

files upload

Upload your 3D models

Upload your 3D model and Zakeke will create an optimized version with built-in AR

Create your link/QR code

Create & embed the link to your website, or use the QR code
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Share your products

Publish 3D and Augmented Reality content to any website, on all platforms

See Our 3D Viewer in Action!

Want to know what will your customers see and experienc with Zakeke? Here’s the answer! Experience Zakeke from your customers’ perspective and see how easy it will be to bring your product to life with our 3D Viewer!

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