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Custom Laser Imaging: how Zakeke delivered a massive amount of features at a low pricing point

Customization is one of the most appreciated features by modern customers. A custom product allows customers to perceive and get a much higher value from the product they’re buying. For that reason, Custom Laser Imaging, a US company on Shopify, decided to implement an e-commerce Product Customization software such as Zakeke, to allow customers to build their products themselves and receive them at home exactly as they had created them.

Custom Laser Imaging zakeke

About Custom Laser Imaging

Custom Laser Imaging is a company specializing in laser imaging which uses diode laser technology to enable customers to create and customize some type of media, especially tumblers and mugs. The company launched its online business in 2022 looking for easy-to-use and value-for-money Product Customization software.

“We do laser imaging using a diode laser. We customize whatever our customers want. We do a lot of tumblers and a lot of cups, but we also do plaques, key chains, dog tags and any variety of media that we can come up with.”

Don Cook – Owner of Custom Laser Imaging


Launching the e-commerce with a Visual Product Customization solution

Custom Laser Imaging decided to launch its online business in 2022. So, the company was looking for a Visual Commerce solution that would allow customers to easily customize their products directly on e-commerce and would allow the company to get orders and make the products how customers want them.

“The need that triggered the implementation of a visual commerce solution was the launch of our business online. What we were looking for was to have something where people can go in and customize their product, then we get the order and we make it how they want it.”

Don Cook – Owner of Custom Laser Imaging

custom laser imaging products

Finding an easy-to-use Visual Commerce solution for customers

One of the most important challenges for Custom Laser Imaging was to find a Visual Product Customization software which was user-friendly. The software had to be easy to use and had to allow customers (even those without design skills) to easily create their custom products.

“In my personal background I’m a programmer, so in my mind I’m always like the person that’s gonna be using my program and I need to make it as easy for them as possible.”

Don Cook – Owner of Custom Laser Imaging

Finding an all-in-one software with 3D products preview

Before choosing Zakeke, Custom Laser Imaging tested many Visual Product Customization software. During the selection period, the company engaged some of its customers to test these tools. One of the most common feedback was about the possibility of having a preview of the custom product, so that the customer could see the final product exactly as it would arrive at home.

“There were several of my customers that contacted us with the same statement: it would be nice to see the product with the object on it. And that was one of the things that most of the places couldn’t deliver.”

Don Cook – Owner of Custom Laser Imaging


Ease of use e and ease of setup of the platform

Custom Laser Imaging was looking for Visual Product Customization software that was easy to use for customers and also able to simplify and automate manual work associated with design processes.

After testing many alternatives on the market, Custom Laser Imaging found the solution it was looking for with Zakeke. A tool that is easy to set up, customer-friendly and able to solve customer pain points related to custom product previews.

“We went through several different variations. Some of them were very time-consuming and tedious. I spent on two different types of similar products probably around 60 hours plus of just development time. And at the end of it never felt like we really delivered something that was easy to use for the customer.”

Don Cook – Owner of Custom Laser Imaging

custom laser imaging zakeke

A massive amount of features at a low pricing point

Zakeke provides customers with many product customization features, improving the Customer Experience and also making production processes easier for the company. There are two features that Customer Laser Imaging particularly appreciates:

  • Pricing rules allow the company to have different prices for different items or customization types. Zakeke can create pricing rules to add a markup price to customizable products;
  • Image & Clipart Galleries allows the company to create galleries of images and clipart from where customers can pick images to personalize their products. Zakeke gives customers the power to create their desired product by uploading cliparts and allows Custom Laser Imaging to charge a markup price depending on that.

“The platform used for our store is Shopify: we do all our base pricing, but with Zakeke we can base our pricing on certain criteria. For example, we’re able to map pricing based on the time it takes us to burn things or on the amount of space or size that the customers request. It helped us a lot and this is a feature that we love.”

Don Cook – Owner of Custom Laser Imaging


Improving Customer Satisfaction thanks to 3D product preview

One of Custom Laser Imaging’s main goals has always been to best meet its customers’ requirements by providing them with a user-friendly, flexible and complete customization service. Zakeke Visual Product Customizer, thanks to the possibility of previewing the custom product, has increased Customer Satisfaction and reduced problems and friction within the purchasing path.

“For our customers, having the products’ previews is huge because they get to see what their product’s going to be. They can literally say like ‘this is the tumbler that I’m choosing, this is the color that I’m choosing, this is the print, this is the font that I’m using, this is the size, this is whatever’. They see it before they even actually get the product. And thanks to Zakeke they’ve already seen the product on the computer and then we hand them the real product and they’re like ‘this is great’!”

Don Cook – Owner of Custom Laser Imaging

Reducing manual work effort and improving design processes

By using Zakeke Visual Product Customizer, Custom Laser Imaging has significantly reduced the manual work hours to create print templates. Zakeke provides a pack of files with all the information needed to create the product exactly as the customer wants it: once the company receives the files, it simply inserts them into the burning software and activates the process with one click. The result? Automated manual work, a more efficient production process and more time for strategic activities to grow the business.

“One of the things that really helped us is the presence of files. Once the customer creates the product, we get a file packed and that packet has all the information that customers want. So it’s really easy to take that from Zakeke’s package and put it right into my burning software and be like, click, boom. Done. I just hit start and we’re good to go.”

Don Cook – Owner of Custom Laser Imaging

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