Dini Fläsche: Streamlining Designs while Saving Time and Costs with Zakeke

Anyone working with custom products understands the challenge: handling personalized orders and making unique designs can really slow things down, costing extra time and money. This was exactly what Dini Fläsche, a Swiss company using WooCommerce, faced. They spent too much time on designing each custom order. That’s when they found Zakeke, a tool that automates design tasks and helps make the company more efficient.


About Dini Fläsche

Dini Fläsche is a brand of the Swiss-based company Twing, which specializes in branded company gifts. Dini Fläsche itself focuses on creating custom eco-friendly bottles, utilizing techniques such as laser engraving and color printing for personalization.

Actually the company behind DiniFlashe is Twing. What we do is make branded gifts. So company gifts for companies. And we started a few years ago. Then the next big thing we had was our eco bottles. We have a lot of different colors printing techniques.

Andrin CaviezelBusiness Development & Marketing at Twing


Streamlining custom design creations and reducing wasted time

Starting with B2B customization, the B2C personalization of eco bottles brought numerous new requests for customized products to the company. Initially, Dini Fläsche managed these by having a graphic designer create each custom design, a slow and expensive process since each low-ticket order and every customer required many hours of the designer’s work. 

Therefore, the company needed a solution that could put the design creation in the hands of the customer, avoiding endless back-and-forth and speeding up the entire process.

“We got a lot of requests from clients that wanted just one or two bottles for themselves for friends and family. And in the beginning we didn’t really have a solution because each time we got a request we told our graphic designer make a graphic design that’s what the client wants. And it was really time-consuming and we always made a big effort for each client. And that doesn’t make really sense for one or two pieces because there’s a lot of work that goes into it.”

Andrin CaviezelBusiness Development & Marketing at Twing

Diniflasche Zakeke


Simple Plug&Play setup with ultimate ease of use

The main reason Dini Fläsche picked Zakeke was its simple integration and, most importantly, its ease of use for both the company and its customers. The setup is incredibly easy and quick. They can explain to their customers how Zakeke works and how to customize their products just with a short introduction video, which is enough to cover everything in just a few seconds.

“I think that the thing that I most appreciate about  Zakeke is the user-friendliness. So the configurator on our website is super easy to use. We have a lot of clientsand they ask “How does it work?” And then we made like an introduction video and every time I sent out this, the link to the video, I got no more questions and people know how to order. And I got a lot of positive feedback that it’s clear with that video and the application itself.”

Andrin CaviezelBusiness Development & Marketing at Twing

Zakeke x Diniflashe

Flexible printing techniques and customization options

The company chose Zakeke not only for its ease of use. Zakeke is also super flexible, allowing Dini Fläsche to add new products to their catalog and new printing techniques, offering both laser engraving and color print customization.

“Then we were like, yeah, why don’t we offer also colored prints? And it was super easy to set up. So we offer two different types of techniques, laser engraving and color print.”

Andrin CaviezelBusiness Development & Marketing at Twing


Efficient design workflows: saving time and reducing costs

The most significant result achieved by Dini Fläsche with Zakeke? No longer wasting a lot of time on manual design tasks. Thanks to Zakeke, they don’t need a designer for every custom design because the customer creates their own design. The company directly receives a print-ready file, eliminating wasted time and costs.

We have our own designer, our own design team that only makes designs all day long for our clients, but it makes sense for bigger orders to pay attention to each detail, but for a single order,  like the price you only paid the graphic designer and a little bit for a bottle. So it doesn’t really make sense. So we needed something where people could do their own design. And now we find a good solution if it’s a Zakeke for Diniflashe, where we could finally offer something for our clients, where they can make their own design in that area, upload their logo, their names and everything that they get like their own design on their bottle.”

Andrin CaviezelBusiness Development & Marketing at Twing

Diniflasche custom bottles

Innovating with new product additions and diverse customization techniques

Another significant milestone achieved by Dini Fläsche was the addition of new products to their catalog, featuring new printing and customization techniques. Initially, the company exclusively sold laser-engraved bottles. However, thanks to Zakeke, they also began selling color-printed bottles, and the transition was super easy.

Thanks to Zakeke we could offer two different types of custom bottles. So you have the laser engraving or also the color print. So we were able to add new products very easily. It was super easy quick done. Now we also have new products like coffee cups and glass bottles.

Andrin CaviezelBusiness Development & Marketing at Twing

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