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Elevation Concepts: how Zakeke Enhanced a Premium Brand Experience through customization

How do you turn a brand into a top-tier brand? It takes more than just good materials or the best suppliers. What really matters is giving customers a first-class experience. That’s why Elevation Concepts, a U.S. company selling premium standing desks and tables, chose Zakeke to offer customers a unique Shopping Experience and make their brand stand out as exclusive and top-quality.

elevation concepts

About Elevation Concepts

Founded in 2016 and starting out as a small garage business, Elevation Concepts designs sleek, modern, and premium standing desks and tables using dry-erase glass, a premium material that is 100% made in the USA.

“We do collaborative workspace tables, all hide adjustable. We use our dry-erase glass surface on cafe tables fixed bases, and we’ve really morphed into a company where we’re glass elevated, so we do all types of glass solutions. We’re a premier product. We’re 100% made in USA. We use the best materials and that comes with a higher price point.”

Scott Newman – Founder & CEO of Elevation Concepts


Creating a Premium Customer Experience

Just like in any other market, there’s a lot of competition in the standing desk market. Elevation Concepts offers premium products, made using the best materials. This means a higher price, but also superior quality. 

It often happened that the website couldn’t show the uniqueness of the products, which was evident when seeing them in person. For this reason, Elevation Concepts was looking for a solution to showcase the uniqueness of its products online as well.

This is where Zakeke comes in! The ability to visualize the products in 3D and to create fully customized standing desks on the site is what Elevation Concepts was looking for, to truly offer a premium and distinctive experience to their customers.

We’re a premier product. In our space, we compete with a lot of products that are brought in from China. It’s an inferior product and it’s a lot less expensive. As a premium brand, we need to really have a premium brand experience. And the reason why is most oftentimes people would go to our website and say, okay, really doesn’t say much about this brand and why it’s more expensive. But when they see it in person, they’re like, oh my God, this is unbelievable. We needed to create that exact same experience on our website. So I did some market research and then came across Zakeke! Zakeke really was just the best option for us, and we’re super fortunate for this partnership.”

Scott Newman – Founder & CEO of Elevation Concepts

custom desk


A Platform Easy to Use and Implement

Elevation Concepts wanted to create a high-quality experience on their website. They did a lot of market research and finally found Zakeke. They were impressed with Zakeke’s 3D models and decided to update their website and add the WooCommerce plug-in

The setup process was straightforward and fast, didn’t need any special tech skills, and the tool was up and running in just a few days.

“I was looking for a platform that was easy to use, easy to integrate. It worked out perfectly for us because when we found Zakeke we were in the process of rebuilding the website. The overall implementation was easy and not complicated. It’s easy to understand and it’s easy to integrate. That to me is the big thing. I’m not a tech guy. I’m a visionary. I know what I like and when I like a product, I just want it to be done.”

Scott Newman – Founder & CEO of Elevation Concepts

Elevation Concepts

A Support and Sales Team Always Available

Elevation Concepts is also happy with the constant help from Zakeke’s Support Team, and they have a great relationship with their account representative, Ken Johnson. From the start, Ken has been giving consultative advice to the company, helping them during a time of major business expansion.

“The support system in place with your company is just second to none, and we really had a comfort level from day one. And then, Ken Johnson, your account representative, he and I immediately developed a great relationship. And the one thing that was really paramount to me in the decision was the fact that Ken took ownership of my company. He treated this as a consultative relationship, which for me, being a growing business, was absolutely critical.”

Scott Newman – Founder & CEO of Elevation Concepts


Premium Shopping Experience and Top-Tier Brand Positioning

Zakeke was exactly what Elevation Concepts was looking for to stand out from competitors and be recognized as a premium brand. In particular, the ability to customize standing desks was the real game-changer. When selling a premium product, customization is key. Giving customers the chance to create a fully personalized product sticks in their minds. 

It has allowed the brand to create that premium experience and top-tier brand positioning they had been seeking for a long time.

I think the most important thing is when you’re selling a premium product you want personalization. The customization feature is a game changer. When somebody wants to buy something and they can put their company logo on it, they can really visualize that product being in their conference room or that standing desk being in their office. They start that visualization product, and so it’s sticky, it sticks with them. So it’s something that’s creating memorable and creates a perception of our company as well. I can’t even remember what it was like before using Zakeke!”

Scott Newman – Founder & CEO of Elevation Concepts

elevation concepts zakeke

Lots of Positive Feedback

Since implementing Zakeke, Elevation Concepts has received lots of positive feedback from customers. They’re really enthusiastic about the customization feature and the AR view of the products. Being able to create fully personalized products and visualize them in their own space has been a game-changer.

All these results are not only my opinion. A lot of positive feedback that we’ve received from our customers highlights the fact that they can go in, they can select the colors of whatever product it is, they can customize it with their logo, and then they can share that or use the AR tool and visualize that in their space.”

Scott Newman – Founder & CEO of Elevation Concepts

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