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Original People: achieving 100% sales growth and significantly reducing bounce rate with Zakeke

In today’s fiercely competitive market, providing an exceptional Customer Experience is essential to maintain a competitive edge. That’s why Original People, a Spanish company specializing in gadget and gift personalization, has opted for Zakeke Visual Customizer to expand the customization options they offered on their website and achieve greater Customer Satisfaction.

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About Original People

Original People is a company born in Spain in 2013 specializing in selling custom products of every type, from mugs to wine tumblers. They operate mostly in Europe and UK with the aim of offering a new tailored Shopping Experience through the power of product customization.

“We’re, I wanna say startup, but we’ve been selling personalized products now for nearly 10 years. Our products are, are mugs, bottles, all these types of products which we sublimate.”

Fabian Svensson – Full-Stack Developer @Original People


Boosting online sales

Original People is a company specializing in the online selling of custom products. They launched their e-commerce platform in 2013, but they didn’t experience a significant boost in sales until this year.

Prior to implementing Zakeke, they were struggling with a decline in sales, which prompted them to innovate their offerings and become more flexible in the customization options they provided.

Before choosing Zakeke, we were hitting a bit of a low in terms of sales. We needed to innovate and offer more customization options”.

Fabian Svensson – Full-Stack Developer @Original People

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Offering more customization options

All the products in Original People’s catalog are customizable, but until they began using Zakeke, they had limited options for personalization.

They recognized the importance of offering more customization features, as many customers were unable to incorporate their own images, designs, and text into the products to truly make them their own.

All of our products are personalized and, until we began using Zakeke, we were quite limited in terms of our personalization. We wanted to be able to offer our customers more personalization.”

Fabian Svensson – Full-Stack Developer @Original People


A Visual Customizer with 3D & AR features

After exploring different alternatives in the market, Original People found Zakeke, and it was love at first sight. Zakeke added numerous customization options to Original People’s catalog, allowing customers to create their own products with 100% customized designs.

Moreover, Zakeke is not just a Visual Customizer: it provided the company with the ability to showcase their products in 3D and Augmented Reality, enhancing the Shopping Experience and increasing confidence and conversions through improved product visualization and a more enjoyable experience.

“The fact that we’re able to show our products in 3D and AR is really an amazing feature. Our customers can actually see their products on their screens, both in 3D and in Augmented Reality, so they can really get a feeling for what the product is. And then it’s very nice to be able to spin the product around, really see it from different angles. And Zakeke has a fantastic tool that allows you to upload your 3D models and also play around with the lighting and the colors so that you can really show your product exactly the way it is in reality. This is fantastic because it makes the customers much more confident when they have to take that decision to actually order the product because they know exactly what they’re going to get.”

Fabian Svensson – Full-Stack Developer @Original People

Case Study original people zakeke

A Support Team always available

Original People doesn’t use CMS platforms, which is why they opted for integrating Zakeke through API integration. The company’s team managed the process independently, with the constant support from Zakeke’s Customer Care team. Thanks to their high-quality support, the tool was implemented smoothly in approximately two days and became functional right away.

“We had to integrate with Zakeke via the API, using their authentication tokens and it took just a couple of days. But, most importantly for me is the fact that the Zakeke support is always available and answers you within just a couple of hours, and they do basically everything they can to help you out very quickly. And I really can’t stress enough how helpful they’ve been with any type of issue that we’ve had, even feature requests, anything regarding the setup and our account and so on.”

Fabian Svensson – Full-Stack Developer @Original People

A flexible and easy-to-use interface

In addition to the seamless implementation and the 3D & AR capabilities, Original People also highly valued another aspect of Zakeke: its clean and fresh user interface

Compared to other tools and competitors, Zakeke offers a modern user interface characterized by its simplicity, allowing users to easily create their custom products. Zakeke’s interface is intuitive and straightforward, requiring no specific skills to use

This makes it a lot easier for customers to order custom products and it significantly has reduced Original People’s bounce rate.

“Some of our competitors that we’ve seen, such as SaaS and so on have good personalization, but the UI tools are just not that clean, not that fresh. I think Zakeke really offers that simplicity and just modern UI that makes the tool look really nice and makes it very intuitive to use. That of course makes it a lot easier for customers to order and it significantly has reduced our bounce rate.”

Fabian Svensson – Full-Stack Developer @Original People


100% sales growth

Thanks to Zakeke, Original People has increased its sales by 100%, doubling them within a few months. In particular, the best-selling products are mugs and bottles, which are the most customized products using Zakeke.

We probably have at least twice as many sales as we did before we started working with Zakeke. And this is particularly noticeable for the products where we apply the Zakeke design, such as mugs and bottles. These products have increased by at least 100% which is amazing and which has done a really big difference for us.”

Fabian Svensson – Full-Stack Developer @Original People

Original people customization

Many positive comments and reviews on Trustpilot

Since implementing Zakeke, Original People has received numerous positive comments from their customers. Some customers even enjoy sending videos showcasing their personalized products, significantly improving customer relationships. 

Additionally, Original People get numerous positive reviews on Trustpilot thanks to Zakeke, with customers highly satisfied with their customized products.

There have been many really fantastic responses and our customer team does a great job of sharing these positive comments with us. We’ve received a lot of very happy customer responses like that where they’ll actually share videos of the reaction. We work with Trustpilot and we’ve got numerous really positive comments there, where the customers are very happy that they can get, as I said, exactly what they want. And, we’ve received a lot of positivity and we’ve really seen an increase in positive comments and positive reviews since we started working with Zakeke.”

Fabian Svensson – Full-Stack Developer @Original People

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