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TaLii Towels: How Zakeke Enabled Stand-Out Personalization and Operational Efficiency

In an increasingly competitive market, the only way to move ahead and acquire new customers is to offer an unforgettable Customer Experience. This is well understood by TaLii Towels, a Canadian company on WooCommerce specializing in selling microfiber towels. They chose to implement Zakeke to offer customers a unique shopping experience and make their brand stand out as a real trendsetter.

TaLii Towels

About TaLii Towels

TaLii Towels is a Toronto-based company that sells superior-quality microfiber towels. Known for their lightweight, highly absorbent, and quick-drying properties, these towels cater to a wide array of uses. 

“Like most great ideas Talii came from a need. During the summer of 2012 my cousin from Belgium and I spent time together at the cottage, and she had a lovely towel with her. I loved its fantastic qualities: it was compact, quick drying, and super absorbent. I looked to purchase one in Canada and there were none that offered a variety of sizes or fantastic colours.”

Lisa Iafrate – CEO of TaLii Towels


Move ahead of competitors with Product Customization

Product personalization is a real game-changer in eCommerce, and TaLii Towels understood this from the start. That’s why the company was seeking software like Zakeke, which allows customers to personalize their towels directly online in a simple way, adding their name, an image, or their logo. This approach aims to make the shopping experience truly unique.

We wanted to move ahead of our competition by offering customization to our product, letting customers put their name and an image or logo on our towels.

Lisa Iafrate – CEO of TaLii Towels

Talii towels

Cut emails and calls back-and-forth to define custom designs

Product personalization is a winning strategy to impress customers, but it can easily become a problem for design teams. Before using Zakeke, TaLii Towels used to define custom designs with customers through calls, which were time-consuming and did not allow for scalability.


A Platform easy to use and implement

TaLii Towels was eager to find an easy-to-use customization tool that could give them an edge over their competitors by allowing customers to design their own towels directly online. After extensive market research, they finally discovered Zakeke.

The setup process was not only straightforward and quick, but it also didn’t require any special tech skills. The tool was operational in just a few days.

“As soon as we launched, we took off!”

Lisa Iafrate – CEO of TaLii Towels

Towels customization


Moving ahead of the competition in no time

After implementing Zakeke, TaLii Towels immediately noticed an improvement in terms of Brand Awareness, becoming a real trendsetting brand that allowed customers to customize their towels. Today, about 70% of customers purchase personalized towels.

We are steps ahead of our competition that wants to sell our products. I bet 70 % more clients now customize their towels.”

Lisa Iafrate – CEO of TaLii Towels

Tali towels case study

No more design back-and-forth

Before implementing a solution like Zakeke, TaLii Towels had to use emails and calls with customers to define custom designs in order to sell personalized products. This approach led to frequent time losses, many design studio hours, and a process that was not scalable. 

With Zakeke, the customer designs their own personalized towel directly online and TaLii Towels simply receives the print-ready file ready with all the instructions, without any lost design and project hours.

Before Zakeke, we used to have to call each client for instructions. Now, the client builds their own artwork and we print and produce!

Lisa Iafrate – CEO of TaLii Towels

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