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Unique Carpets: streamlining design processes and improving catalog management with Zakeke

Online businesses which sell custom products must improve their catalog management, especially when it comes to products with many variations. Unique Carpets – a German company using WooCommerce – knows it well. That’s why they have chosen Zakeke Visual Product Customizer to manage the production and online sale of custom doormats and rugs with different customization options.

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About Unique Carpets

Unique Carpets is a German company specialized in selling personalized doormats and rugs online. The company launched its online business in 2021, and to do so Unique Carpets needed to find a Visual Customization and Configuration tool which could best manage the online product customization process.

“Unique Carpets is an online shop born two years ago. We are making personalized or individualized printed doormats and rugs with many different qualities and sizes.

Thomas – CEO of Unique Carpets


Smart catalog and customization options management

Unique Carpets provides its customers with the possibility of creating fully personalized printed doormats and rugs with different colors, materials and bindings. The challenge was to find a flexible and mart Visual Product Customizer capable of easily managing the different customization options across the different products in the catalog.

We sell personalized printed doormats and rugs with many different qualities and sizes. That’s why we were looking for a configurator where customers can do all this kind of work.”

Thomas – CEO of Unique Carpets

Streamlining the design process

One of the real pain points for Unique Carpets was finding software that could automatically generate print-ready files in order to save time and costs, avoid manual work, and enable quick scaling.

“One of the biggest issues was to have print-ready files, so we could print directly on the rug and that’s the most important thing.”

Thomas – CEO of Unique Carpets

custom carpet


A Visual Product Customizer that streamlines the customization process

After testing many software options on the market, Unique Carpets chose Zakeke. Zakeke Visual Product Customizer allows customers to create and customize doormats and rugs directly online, generating high-quality print-ready files directly in Unique Carpets’ back-office.

In this way, the company could avoid all the manual work involved in defining product custom models based on customers’ needs. Once the print file is received, it can be automatically printed directly on the doormat or rug, achieving exactly the desired result for the customer.

“When we go into Zakeke, customers will see the binding that we use for carpets. And that was very important that we can do something like this. With other configurators, it was not that easy or it was not possible to do it like this.

Thomas – CEO of Unique Carpets


A solution easy to setup and easy to use (both for Unique Carpets and for customers)

Unique Carpets chose Zakeke Visual Product Customizer not only for its advanced features but also for its ease of implementation and use. The Unique Carpets Team implemented the software and learned to use it in just a few days, achieving excellent results right away.

Moreover, Zakeke is easy to use even for customers, who can customize their own products quickly and easily to fit their needs. The result? A better Customer Experience and greater Customer Satisfaction!

“The implementation process was not that difficult. It took a few days to find out how it really works. It’s very easy to work with it for customers and also for us.”

Thomas – CEO of Unique Carpets


Streamlined processes with no manual work

Thanks to Zakeke Visual Product Customizer, Unique Carpets has immediately streamlined its internal processes, getting print-ready files and avoiding the need for manual tasks in creating print models.

Zakeke provides a pack of files with all the information needed to create the product exactly as the customer wants it. Once the files are ready, it’s just a matter of proceeding with printing directly on the product.

“Zakeke is working very well. So all the files that Zakeke created came really in a very good process to us and we can print directly on the rug. So that’s very good for us.”

Thomas – CEO of Unique Carpets

custom rugs

Many customization features and easy catalog management

The flexibility of Zakeke allows Unique Carpets to manage multiple customization options (colors, texts, bindings, etc.) for many products in their catalog. Furthermore, the company is currently adding many different qualities of rugs and a variety of binding possibilities. Thanks to Zakeke, expanding the catalog and adding new customization options is extremely easy.

The flexibility in this program gave us the opportunities to do doormats and rugs with different bindings and with other configurators it was not that easy or it was not possible to do it like this. We are in the process right now to add many different qualities of rugs, which could be personalized or individually printed. And also we want to increase these possibilities of binding of rugs.

Thomas – CEO of Unique Carpets

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