Visual Product Customizer for Engraving

Engraving: the perfect business for Visual Product Customizer. Zakeke’s 3D visualization and configuration technology helps to show products in real time as they are modified by customers, answering the question “How will it actually be?”

Why Zakeke for Engraving?

Engraving for eCommerce converts up to 60% more if supported by a visual representation of what the effect will really look like. In most cases, engraved products cannot be returned. That’s why consumers have a strong need for visualization to make sure that items are exactly how they want.

Real Engraving Effect

Simulating a real engraving effect has never been so easy. Just a click in your Zakeke back-office to activate engraving effects that show your customers exactly how the engraving will look on your product whether it is glass, wood, or steel.

3D Visual Customization in Real-Time

Enhance the value of your products with 3D Visualization in real-time. In Zakeke, your customers can see a live and realistic 3D model of the customized products with the real engraving effect that they can zoom in, rotate, and interact with.

EngraveCo case study

EngraveCo Case Study

How Zakeke Visual Commerce solution helped a Family Business offering engraved products scale up

Production-ready files for Engraving

Zakeke is easy to use for your customers and for you. Alongside the standard print-ready files, Zakeke generates print files for engraving in different formats including SVG, PNG, PDF, DXF, BMP, AI. You don’t have to worry about anything. Just download the most suitable file for your printing machine and create the product to ship.

Unlimited Opportunities for your Business

No matter how many products you have, catalog management will be easier than ever. Use your own items or import them from your favorite Print-On-Demand and Dropshipping Service. Automate your workflow integrating Zakeke with your automation tool like Zapier.

How Zakeke Visual Product Customizer works?

Visual Product Customization for Engraving is your right-hand man

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32% of customers like to buy something that express their personality and think that designing something themselves is fun
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80% of customers now consider the experience a company provides to be as important as its products and services
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Return rate is almost zero because visual customization shows exactly how the product will look like, increasing customer satisfaction by over 60%

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