Visual CPQ for Product Configuration

Scale up your processes, deliver a unique buying experience for your sales reps, distributors and customers. Highly configurable products are no problem. Our Product Configuration tool allows you to manage complex design rules and integrates a CPQ tool to receive requests from the most demanding clients.

Why Zakeke for Complex Product Configuration?

Zakeke is a powerful and easy solution with 3D Configuration, Augmented Reality & CPQ functions. The digitalization of the product configuration accelerates sales and gives your business a competitive advantage.

Don't miss out opportunities

Zakeke ensures users can configure products just the way they want it, while creations always follow your manufacturing rules. Zakeke means better catalog management. In the back office and in a simple way, you can define all the variants of your product and the complex configuration rules. Add a simple Get a Quote button to receive a quote request from your clients.

Sell more in less time

Get print-ready files when your quotation is approved. The process is automatic. Customer sends the request. You see all the details in the Zakeke back-office. You define price and send back the quotation. Customer accepts it. You start the production. You can also use Zapier to automatically manage quotation requests. You produce more in less time.

The Visual Commerce Guide

Advanced Pricing System

Zakeke lets you create pricing rules to add a mark-up price to your customizable products. You can define simple pricing or advanced pricing rules to show different prices based on different properties such as quantity, setup costs, colors, and more. Show customers dynamic value other than price (shipping times, product weight, etc..). 

Customization for you

Customization and ease of use not only for your customers but also for you. You can use a Get a Quote button instead of Add to Cart or both. You can customize the form fields customers have to fill for sending quote requests and all the information you need. You can do whatever you want.

How does the Visual CPQ tool work in Zakeke?

Complex becomes Simple. Simple becomes Sales.

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Sales increase by up to 35% thanks to the Visual Product Configuration that shows the customer exactly what they are buying.
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The 3D product configurator with CPQ functions automates the configuration process and speeds up the production process by 25%
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Customer satisfaction increases by over 60% and the return rate is almost zero because the product reflects customer expectations.

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