Become an affiliate and make product customization available for all

E-commerce owners shouldn’t struggle with printing files and clunky software. Join Zakeke Affiliate Program and make product customization easier for them.

Who is this for?

Happy customers

Using and loving Zakeke? Great to hear! You can make extra cash by recommending Zakeke to your friends and colleagues.

Service providers

Are you a professional developer, 3D designer, or processing studio? Is your passion AR/VR? This affiliate program will help your clients sell more customized products

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You are making waves in the e-commerce space and want to help business owners grow? Tell your readers, subscribers, and followers about Zakeke.

How to become an affiliate​

On what you can count

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Free to join!

Everybody loves free, right?

15% monthly commission for each new customers

Once a customer subscribes to a paid plan using your unique link, you get 15% of any plan on a monthly basis for two years!

Marketing and sales materials ready to use

Receive marketing material and use cases to learn more about Zakeke and get more people interested in joining us.

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