Salesforce Configurator & Customizer

Turn your Salesforce store into an extraordinary Shopping Experience with real-time 2D, 3D, AR & Virtual Try-On customization

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More Than a Salesforce Configurator: Our Solution Stack

3D Product Configurator

Convert shoppers into designers with Zakeke’s 3D Salesforce Configurator, enabling full customization from parts to personalized details. And more: use our CPQ configurator for quotes on complex customizations.

Bypass coding and 3D hassles. Our easy-to-use platform integrates smoothly with Salesforce and top e-commerce platforms.

product configuration for watches on salesforce
salesforce product configurator for fashion

Visual Product Customizer

Elevate your customers’ experience with real-time product customization – offer endless personalization from simple text to detailed designs on any device instantly.

Refine custom order management with our Salesforce Customizer: directly receive print-ready files, saving valuable time and resources, while providing a superior Shopping Experience.

3D & AR Viewer

Exceed ordinary Salesforce configuration: elevate your product displays with our 3D & AR Viewer. Deliver a virtual in-shop feel on customer devices, with full 360-degree views and detailed zoom-ins.

Easily share your 3D models everywhere. Skip extra Apps – use a link or QR code to instantly share your products on your website, social channels and more.

AR viewer for ecommerce
VTO Zakeke for Shopify

Virtual Try-On

Boost sales and reduce returns with Zakeke’s Virtual Try-On. Experience lifelike precision across devices without additional apps, leveraging AI for custom fit to customer tastes.

Integrate Live Customization and Virtual Try-On: let customers create and test their designs virtually, fostering confidence, boosting engagement, and lowering return rates.

Salesforce Product Configurator

Install Zakeke's Salesforce Configurator in < 10 minutes!

Beyond Salesforce Customization: Elevate Your Store to Excellence

+ 0 %
Conversion Rate Increase

Boost your conversion rates by up to 250% with real-time 3D customization

- 0 %
Wasted Time

Streamline internal workflows, cutting down 90% of manual tasks

+ 0 %
Product Engagement

Boost interaction with +65% time spent on product pages via 3D customization

- 0 %
Sample & Photoshoots

No more sample and photos costs: Zakeke provides a 3D model for every product variant

- 0 %
Returns and Order Cancellations

Lower return rates by 60% with real-time customer product design experiences

Start with our Salesforce Product Configurator? As easy as 1,2,3!

Zakeke Configurator integration

No Code, Plug&Play Setup

Easily set up Zakeke's Salesfor Product Configurator! Compatible with all platforms, it provides a 1-click installation, no IT expertise required.

3D product configurator for website

Running in Days, Not Months

Setting up Zakeke? A breeze. Simply follow the backend guide to swiftly create your catalog by importing products from your Salesforce store.

shopify product customizer

Easy & Fast Interface

Your ready-to-use catalog ensures fast product publishing, no website slowdowns. It's easy to use, drawing in more customers and increasing sales.

A Salesforce Product Configurator for Every Industry Need

A Sneak Peek of Our Salesforce Customizer's Features

3D Configurator Software

Limitless Customizations

Our Salesforce Customizer enables limitless customization: from text and images to complex selections, allowing customers to choose materials, finishes, and fine details for a tailored experience.

pricing rules

Dynamic Pricing Rules

Our Salesforce Product Configurator enables setting unique product attributes and adding a markup price based on customer customizations, offering real-time price adjustments to your customers.

Custom 3D bottle

3D & Augmented Reality

Give your customers real-time 3D visualizations of products in your store, creating accurate representations with 3D and AR. This boosts consumer confidence, expedites decision-making, and decreases return rates.

print ready files

Production-Ready Files

Simplify managing custom orders. Get ready-to-use, high-resolution files directly in your back-office, cutting out email back-and-forth. Our Salesforce Configurator supports PDF, PNG, SVG, and AutoCad DXF formats.

best cpq software for ecommerce

Get a Quote

Zakeke adds a "Get a quote" button for customer quote requests, allowing streamlined management in the back-office or through automation, ensuring smooth operations and detailed capture of custom orders.

3D custom shoes

Share & Embed in 3D

Effortlessly spread your live 3D collection across all platforms swiftly, without the necessity for coding knowledge or third-party applications. Use links or QR codes to universally present your collection.

Empowering 10,000+ E-Commerce Brands Worldwide

Salesforce Product Configurator

Install Zakeke's Salesforce Configurator in < 10 minutes!