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Cake Design? No problem with Product Customization – Zakeke Case Study

Cake Design is an increasing market. It is probably one of the markets always been characterized by personalization. According to a new study, the global cake design market is expected to reach a CAGR of 3,5% by 2025. Zakeke quickly meets the increasing demand for personalized cakes with a cutting-edge tool that combines easy customization and real time preview.

The Market

Cakes are among the most personalized items in the world. Each of us loves to celebrate with a beautiful cake with completely personal images, phrases and decorations. The online sale offers even more the opportunity for the customer to create their own cake.

Today we do not consider only the goodness of the cake, but also its originality and its decorative part. Cake design combines art with pastry. Cake design is not limited to making cakes, but also includes other types of desserts such as minicakes, cupcakes and macarons.

The basis of this artisan activity is, not surprisingly, the transposition of the consumer experience: the creation of a dessert that reproduces the buyer’s dream.

There are many pastry chefs in the world today who have decided to open an online showcase to reach a greater number of customers. There is one aspect that is always missing from the offline experience: the ability to see exactly what the creation the customer has asked for will be.



Full understanding of the buyer’s wishes

How many stories do we know about badly made cakes? So many. The big challenge that the sector has always faced is being able to understand exactly the customer’s wishes. A simple misunderstanding will lead to lose the customer trust.

A challenge for both offline and online sales. The seller must be sure that he understands what the customer wants. The client must be able to express his wishes without fear of being misunderstood.

Time optimization

One need that all businesses have in common is time optimization. Trying to decipher the customer’s wishes written in a message or simply ticked in a list of options is a waste of time.

Allowing visitors to design their own products is great and time saver but the process needs to be easy and fun for the customer or they will leave the website with the shopping cart empty.

Let the customer create his own cake allows seller to optimize time. Is the image too large? Fit, crop, center, edit. What a huge waste of time. It is necessary to find a way to let the customer do it. Is the image too large? He will adapt it according to his wishes.

Finding the right tool to help scaling

Finding the right customization tool can be frustrating at first because on one hand you really want to grow but on the other hand you fear the tool won’t be as you expect. Some of the difficulties can be crazy investments and upfront costs, hard installation and implementation, not easy to use for buyers and more and more.


A product customizer with Realtime preview

Buyers can see exactly what they’re going to buy in real time. Zakeke Product Customizer offers a cutting-edge tool with 3D Preview. Customers see the cake that they zoom in on, rotate and move around.

No more disappointment but more customers’ trust. Buyer can modify all the elements at will. The seller will already have the print files ready with no headaches.

The seller sells exactly what customer wants. Both are satisfied.

A product customizer you can install and test in less than one day

No more struggling and no more time spent fussing with technology with Zakeke. You can install it and test it in less than one day, no coding required. Moreover, the subscription models perfectly match your needs: small monthly subscription to get started – versus a steep upfront fee.

Zakeke is the tool that grants a great experience for both visitors and store owners.

Here’s the biggest benefits from both sides using Zakeke:

  • Pay $0 on hosting costs or maintenance: Zakeke works on the cloud and integrates seamlessly with the most popular e-commerce platforms. You’ll never have to worry about hosting costs, manual software updates, or maintenance.
  • Launch fast… real fast: creating your customizable products in Zakeke is quick and easy once you get the hang of it. Text, colors, patterns, images… you have full control of every possible customization you want to offer your store visitors.
  • Increase sales and margins: take control of your pricing options with a percentage or fixed rate upcharge for every product attribute your clients change.
  • Receive print-ready files: each order comes with the right files, every single time. Simply get the files and go to print. Zakeke delivers print-ready files in PDF, PNG, SVG and AutoCad DXF formats.
  • Get Customer Support that’s always ready to help: our friendly team will assist you from implementation to launch. You get access to our Guidance Center and direct access to our helpdesk from your Admin Panel. We resolve 97% of support requests within one day and frequently update our tools with fixes and new features.
  • Get a fast and intuitive experience: Zakeke works blazing fast on desktop and mobile devices. Customers can easily customize their products and see an immediate, high-quality 3D rendering, without slowing down your website’s load speed.
  • Love to buy from their phones: Zakeke works smoothly on any device and screen size. Visitors get the full customization experience, fast interface, and 3D preview on their phones.
  • See before they buy: Zakeke allows your customers to quickly and easily customize products and preview them in 3D before making a purchase. It’s a uniquely immersive shopping experience that gives customers the confidence to order on the spot.
  • Write 5-star reviews: customers who get exactly what they want love to tell everyone about it. Imagine a swarm of happy buyers publishing glaring reviews for your store on Google, Facebook, Shopify, WooCommerce and all over social media.


Increased sales

After a quick installation process and once our cake design customers had their whole inventory of customizable products live, they were ready to double down on traffic and increase sales. Drastically reducing time spent on each order helped them meet buyers’ desires.

They have solid traffic going to their site and they started seeing results right away after implementing Zakeke. They also have active paid campaigns driving traffic to their site, but none of those are targeting custom products. Still, personalized orders jumped to a great increase of their total sales.

One of our customers has been using Zakeke since Zakeke was born. Over time, our tool improved by introducing new and interesting functions such as AR. In 2018, our customer received only 8 monthly orders. They have grown steadily. Now, the monthly orders are over 500. Our client’s orders have grown with us.

Increased trust and satisfaction

Our customers in sportswear industry reported the customization tools and 3D previewer has helped their business grow quit a bit showing visitors actually what they’re going to get when they’re placing their order. Customers do not have issues navigating the different tools in Zakeke and are easily able to customize their products.

Zakeke is a loyal partner to online stores that rely on product customization.

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