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La Fabrique à Sachets: How Zakeke Scaled Orders 6X Embracing Pay-as-You-Grow

Those in the custom product space know: managing many orders and crafting client-specific designs can be a serious snag, especially for smaller teams. The result? Too many operational tasks shift focus from growth, overburdening the team. La Fabrique à Sachets, a French WooCommerce vendor of custom seed packets, experienced this firsthand. But it’s precisely this challenge that sparked their collaboration with Zakeke, turning hassles into opportunities for growth and success!

Logo la fabrique a sachets

About La Fabrique à Sachets

La Fabrique à Sachets is a French-based company established in 2018 and operating on WooCommerce, specializing in producing customizable seed packets for weddings, birth announcements, and other special occasions. People can personalize their seed packets with their names, the date of their most important day, and anything else they desire. Recently, La Fabrique à Sachets has begun expanding its offerings to professionals and retailers as well.

“The brand started in 2018 and we do customizable seed packets mainly for weddings, mainly for birth announcement, for example. And now we expand the brand also for professional and retailers.”

Marie Boudehen – CEO La Fabrique à Sachets


Streamlining custom design creation flow

Customization has always been a hallmark for La Fabrique à Sachets. So, when custom orders began to surge, the team realized how challenging it was to manage all the custom designs for their clients. That’s why the company started looking for software capable of managing the design and automating the pre-press process, cutting off time-consuming manual design tasks, and allowing customers to see their custom products’ final look.

“And so we need like in 2020, when I start to see how complicated it is to manage all the design for all the customers we’ve got. I start to looking for like a software to help us to manage all the design and help us to show how it will be on the packets for our customers. We just need to get all the information from the order and print it direct printing for our packets. So just, this was the main need we had.”

Marie Boudehen – CEO La Fabrique à Sachets

custom seed pack

Efficiently handling multiple designs and templates

Another critical need for the company was to be able to easily manage multiple designs and product templates for their seed packets (they have over 90 different designs). That’s why they were looking for software like Zakeke, capable of easily managing multiple product templates.

“The good point with Zakeke is that we can have multiple products. We have a monoproduct which is the seeds packets only in two colors. So it’s very easy to show what we do but we have also multiple different type of design. So we have like close to 90 design. Why we choose Zakeke is because we need like multiple product templates and with Zakeke is very simple.”

Marie Boudehen – CEO La Fabrique à Sachets


Seamless Plug&Play setup with multi-tool integration

The primary reason La Fabrique à Sachets chose Zakeke? Its ease of integration not only with the platform, thanks to a simple Plug&Play Zakeke’s integration for WooCommerce, but also with other business tools in use, such as Google Drive.

In fact, thanks to Zapier, Zakeke naturally connects to Google Drive, allowing the company to manage and store all the designs and customizations of their clients directly on their Google Drive.

“We are on WooCommerce, like a WordPress website. So it was like the ability to have a plugin which has a connection with our website. Also, the connection to Zapier was a need, like a very good point from to choose Zakeke to connect the tool directly to our Google Drive.”

Marie Boudehen – CEO La Fabrique à Sachets

La Fabrique a Sachets Zakeke

Effortless print customization & Pre-Press automation

From the outset, Zakeke Visual Product Customizer proved capable of addressing the company’s primary need: streamlining the entire pre-press process, from the customer’s customization choice to the print. How? Simply through print-ready files and its nifty automation capabilities!

“After the customization, we can only print the PDF that we received from Zakeke and this was the most important for us that we don’t have to customize again and add information manually.”

Marie Boudehen – CEO La Fabrique à Sachets

Unlimited flexibility: customization within company rules

Zakeke is full of options. It’s an in-depth and flexible platform that provides merchants the ability to offer all the customization options they desire, fully adapting to their needs. This is precisely why La Fabrique à Sachets chose Zakeke: for the ability to create their own customization rules, offering customers limitless options and features, but always following the company’s previously set rules.

“There is a lot of features to understand in Zakeke, but at the end, when you get it, when you understand what features you will need it’s very easy, you can customize your own. You can manage your your own features.”

Marie Boudehen – CEO La Fabrique à Sachets


6x monthly orders: enhanced efficiency, no extra staff

The most significant result achieved by La Fabrique à Sachets with Zakeke? No longer spending precious time on time-consuming manual operational tasks to create custom designs, allowing the small team to focus on the strategic development of the business. In numerical terms? From 100 to 600 monthly orders without having to hire a person solely to manage the custom orders!

At the beginning, we were like two people on the brand. We had to manage the strategic development and all the other mission that a little business needs. And we had at the same time a lot of operational manipulation to do on customer design. So we had a lot of time thanks to Zakeke to be able to think our business and not to manage our designs customer design. And we start with maybe 100 orders a month. And now we have maybe 500, 600 orders a month. So it helps us to keep growing without managing a person only to manage the orders. This is a very good point.”

Marie Boudehen – CEO La Fabrique à Sachets

Sustainable growth fueled by Pay-as-You-Grow approach

Another important milestone highlighted by La Fabrique à Sachets concerns the type of investment made to adopt software like Zakeke. Before choosing Zakeke, La Fabrique à Sachets was considering creating in-house customization software. The investment would have been very high. 

Zakeke, on the other hand, for a minimal monthly investment, has allowed the business to grow constantly with a pay-as-you-grow approach. For example, in big season orders, the cost will be higher, while during the low season, the cost will be more contained, depending on the orders.

And the other good point is that we didn’t need to pay a big amount to get this software because we pay as we grow. It’s a very good point to be able to grow and to continue to grow now, three years after that, after we start and still paying as we grow. Zakeke is really strategic partner to grow and to keep time for us since three years now.”

Marie Boudehen – CEO La Fabrique à Sachets

customizable seed pack

Improved Customer Satisfaction through real-time customization and previews

With Zakeke’s live product customization experience, customers can see directly while creating their personalized seed pack what the final result will look like. This was very important for the company because often, when dealing with gadgets for special occasions, people need to see what they will look like to be certain of their choice. 

With Zakeke, customers can choose customization options live and see how the product changes with different options. This real-time experience has significantly increased customer satisfaction.

The other good point is that our customers can go to our website and now, thanks to Zakeke, they can see directly as they customize what will be the visual of their product, which is the best part of the software. We work a lot with couples that need to have a very good design because it’s a very important product for them because it will be their wedding. With Zakeke is easy!”

Marie Boudehen – CEO La Fabrique à Sachets

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