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Zakeke’s commitment to Sustainability

At Zakeke we work to empower both brands and consumers to embrace sustainability, ethical and eco-friendly practices. Part of our mission is to improve the industry’s environmental footprint through the use of technology in the display process, the shopping experience, and in the purchasing experience.

Zakeke sustainability

We recognize the enormous impact that we can make by reducing waste and carbon footprint through reducing returns, reducing the amount of shipping, and enabling shoppers to use technologies such as 3D, AR, and “try on/try out” to shop remotely.

Zakeke works with sustainable fashion brands helping them in developing industry-changing business initiatives that in turn creates greater sustainability.

We believe that looking great doesn’t have to come at the expense of our communities and the health of our people and planet.

We not only focus on sustainability in fashion and apparel, we also work on sustainability in the furniture, cycling, automotive, and general retail segments as well.

Zakeke believes in putting sustainable businesses and business practices in the spotlight so that others may watch and learn to better our planet and society.

3D and AR are Sustainable and Cost-Efficient Solutions

Sustainable solutions are becoming increasingly urgent in every industry, not only to reduce waste but also to become more scalable. For instance, USD $230 billion in apparel and footwear is unsold, with no place to go. That means there’s endless amounts of warehouses storing products that are just shelved, waiting to be pushed into the market at a high expense, and with discounted prices.

Personalization in ecommerce

Another major issue that brands face are returns. In fact, 35% of apparel and footwear is returned each year; that’s three times more than in general e-commerce; that’s billions of dollars worth of unwanted products.

Using a 3D configurator and AR technology to front end an on-demand manufacturing process plays a major role towards sustainability. Orders come through, are paid in full, and are produced specifically for that consumer. With a direct to consumer process, the item is never shelved, and rarely returned.

For example, a 3D product configurator helped an apparel brand realize a 55% reduction of sampling cost specifically for prototypes, a 50% reduction of seasonal sales samples, a 40% reduction of global sales sample airfreight, and a 6-12 months faster time to market with digitized catalogs and buying tools both online and in-store.

Industry wide, companies that have implemented 3D and AR technology have realized a 35% reduction in rate of product returns. Visit our success stories to learn more.

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