3D Configurator and Augmented Reality

Offer an immersive and unique 3D shopping experience. Transform customers into creators and let them build and interact with their own version of your products. No custom coding required.

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Why Use 3D Configurator with Zakeke?

Easy and simple to use. You don’t need to be a 3D expert to start with 3D Configurator. Our amazing team will assist you all the time. You can do whatever you are thinking about right now.

Unlimited configuration options

Get unlimited configuration options and let customers change product components, elements, materials and more. Define simple pricing or advanced pricing rules for your products. Show a dynamic price that changes depending on different properties such as quantity, setup costs, colors, and more. In brief, create any kind of product combination, possibilities are endless.

An Immersive Shopping Experience

Let customers be sure of what they are buying by showing your product in the real world and in real size with Augmented reality and a leading-edge 3D model. Offer an immersive shopping experience for your customers. Customization takes place in a 3D environment with light and shadow simulations to make the product extremely realistic. 

Workflow automation

Plug Zakeke 3D Configurator into your ERP and make your business workflow easy. Zakeke supports all the best automation software for eCommerce as well.

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Don’t miss any potential customer. Receive a request for a quote from demanding customers with particular customization needs. This is just a glimpse of the thrilling features you have in Zakeke.

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The key of success

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Conversion rates increase by up to 250% on product pages with 3D models and AR technology.
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70% of consumers prefer interactive 3D models over video
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By 2026, 60% of multi-generational consumers will demand 3D retail experiences

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