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Learn Which Trends are Critical in Product Digitalization

Consumers demand personalization in their shopping experience

Did you know that 100 million consumers are expected to shop using AR online or in-store? And 41% of shoppers demand a personalized shopping experience?

Physical spaces are being reconceived and customer journeys are now supported far beyond a brand’s front door, thanks to 3D & AR.

Personalization is becoming more pervasive and urgent, but it doesn’t need to break the bank for your brand.

Advances in technology, data, and analytics are allowing you to create much more personal and “human” experiences across moments, channels, and buying stages.

Only by acting today will you be in a position to deliver high value to both your customers and your own brand.

Augmented Reality: How and Why Add It to Your eCommerce

Augmented reality is the integration of digital information with the user’s environment in real time. The user looks at the screen of a device, and AR uses the camera and sensors to form a digital representation of the surroundings and projects objects into it. AR offers a real-time direct or indirect view of a consumer’s immediate surroundings, which are modified or improved by computer-generated data like video, sound, graphics or GPS data. 

With AR technology, customers can use real-life spaces and even their bodies and faces to visualize things such as clothing, furniture, vehicles, homes, etc. Thus, the main advantage of AR is that it merges two worlds, the digital and the real world. Of all the sectors where augmented reality is being implemented, E-commerce is probably the one that will generate the most disruptive impact on society.

The augmented reality market is projected to grow from $15.3 billion in 2020 to $77.0 billion by 2025 at a CAGR of 38.1%. As a result, augmented reality is likely to disrupt the E commerce industry with its ability to personalize and enhance the shopping experience for customers. Retailers who provide augmented reality features online have a competitive advantage that increases sales, conversion rates and even the variety of products sold through their online stores.

This entire virtual shopping experience will be engaging for customers. They will appreciate the convenience of sitting at home and enjoy using cutting-edge technology. Say you want to buy a watch. You can simply put your hand in front of a mobile camera and select the watch you want to buy. You may choose the styles/colors that go well with your skin tone and wrist size, all within the app. Overall, this experience will be faster than visiting a store, and customers can choose from more options. This also decreases the percentage of returns in the segment.
The good news is that you do not have to redo your entire website in order to have Augmented Reality features. Augmented Reality solutions providers such as Zakeke, can easily add Augmented Reality to your existing e-commerce site. Customers can access any Augmented Reality experience or feature directly through your website. Whether you want to add Try-On features, product launch intros,
or more, you can have it up and running quickly. Even a simple AR holiday experience can engage your customers and benefit your brand. With AR, businesses of any size can take advantage of the many benefits of AR in e-commerce.
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Of US consumers aged 18-35 demand a personalized shopping experience
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