Driving Ecommerce Growth with 3D Product Configuration

In this FREE guide you’ll uncover answers and practical advice on how to implement 3D & AR for your Business and help customers feel more confident in their shopping experience. “Driving Ecommerce growth with 3D product configuration” will help you learn how to use Visual Solutions to boost your business strategy and scale, fast!

3D and AR visualizers also result in decreased returns, requiring less warehouse space, increased growth, and improved sales and marketing efforts. 3D and AR viewers provide consumers with accurate representations of products online improving the customer experience and customer satisfaction, and increasing conversion rates by 40%.   

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Rising consumer demand for digital experiences and Ecommerce showrooms

Today's shopping experiences are happening in many different contexts

In a digital showroom, customers are able to quickly alter the configuration of their product, view a digital representation of exactly what it will look like, how much it costs, and be made aware of its availability.

This year, 2022, 70% of customers expect to be able to configure a product directly from a website, while 83% said that the ability to start or complete a purchase online would help them more easily and quickly decide what to buy. Providing customers with an easy way to explore all options for a product and see real-life visualizations of them and complete, or at least start, the purchasing process online is a must. 


Organizations that adopt AR and 3D product configuration technology will find themselves in advantageous positions in an increasingly competitive market, increasing conversions by as much as 40%.  For big ticket items such as cars, boats, and motorcycles, 90% of shoppers prefer a dealership where they can start the buying process online.

By providing your customers with access to an Ecommerce digital showroom with 3D configurations, you can increase sales and deliver a more satisfying customer experience. 

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Offer a Unique and Interactive 3D Experience

Providing the customer with the choices and information that they need instills the customer with the confidence they need to make a purchase that is right for them. Access to clear and concise return and warranty policies can further streamline the online purchasing experience, preventing potential sales blockers or obstacles by providing peace of mind to any concerns buyers may have. 

By improving customer experience and sales support using AR and 3D configuration, brands are able to realize a host of benefits, including improving customer experience by helping customers better visualize and customize their products. Whether it is a desk, a bike, or an article of clothing, brands are able to offer their customers easy visualization of thousands of potential configurations, ensuring customers always get exactly what they need. People want convenience, and with a 3D configurator, brands and stores are able to meet and exceed their expectations.
A better customer experience, meanwhile, supports sales by helping sales representatives more efficiently engage their customers and more quickly expand sales distribution. A 3D configurator helps brands boost sales and drastically reduce returns by offering a unique and interactive 3D experience to consumers. This allows consumers to easily configure and personalize their desired item and the adjustments to the product can immediately be viewed in 3D from any angle as well as up-close details.
A 3D configurator provides excellent insight into all the features that an item may offer. It also saves the customer time, as they no longer have to view items in-person or onsite, and instead can start customizing and receive direct quotes from the comfort of their own homes. Sales people are saving a lot of time in their day-to-day operations with this new technology in place, and speeding up conversion rates. 

See Real-Life visualizations in store and at home

AR and 3D product configuration play key roles in increasing a brand’s cost efficiency. With the technology, there are less logistics for every location or warehouse, as products can be manufactured on demand and sent directly to the consumer reducing operational costs and friction at every step of the supply chain, as well as improving an organizations’ sustainability initiatives by reducing CO2 emissions from transportation. 

Create Innovative Marketing Efforts with 3D Product Configuration & AR

Not surprisingly, AR and 3D configuration is also of great benefit to innovative marketing efforts that can be created from anywhere, and with far less effort. Because products can be visualized anywhere via a phone, tablet, or computer, product placement is growing more broadly, especially with the rise of the metaverse, which will merge the digital and physical world which is a perfect platform for AR marketing.  

Get More Automation with 3D Product Configuration

Ecommerce is always evolving and brands and companies must be able to act quickly and decisively to address new market trends and rising customer demands. Fully leveraging the technology is fast becoming a must for brands seeking to stand out from the crowd. To effectively do so is to cultivate a competitive edge that will elevate your organization above the competition and delight customers around the world. 

How Zakeke 3D Product Configuration Works

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