Zakeke welcomes a new partner: Velstar

We are delighted to announce our partnership with Velstar!

Velstar is a Shopify Plus agency. Born in 2016, they have been helping direct-to-consumer brands like AVON, French Connection, Comet and Castore scale ever since.

They’ve made a mark in the Shopify Plus world, but involve themselves beyond just building ecommerce stores. As growth marketers, they also focus on how to drive high-quality traffic to your stores – and turn that traffic into long-term, repeat customers and recurring revenue.

At Velstar, it’s important for us to partner with leading technology providers that help our clients remain relevant and meet their customer needs, and Zakeke does exactly that. The solution gives customers the freedom and flexibility to personalise products, as well as visualise and interact with the product before making that all-important purchase, which means fewer refunds, fewer complaints, and more 5-star ratings for our merchants.

Barry Kilby, Technical Director at Velstar

To get more information on how can Velstar help you reach out amazing results together with Zakeke, please contact them at

To get more details about our Partner Program check this link

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