Creating Amazing Visual Experiences with 3D & Augmented Reality

In this FREE guide you’ll uncover answers and practical advice on how to implement 3D & AR for your Business and help customers feel more confident in their shopping experience. “Create Magical Experiences with 3D & AR” will help you learn how to use Visual Solutions to boost your business strategy and scale, fast!
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Learn Why 3D & AR Are Crucial to Your Business

Today's shopping experiences are happening in many different contexts

Did you know that 100 million consumers are expected to shop using AR online or in-store? And 41% of shoppers demand a personalized shopping experience?

Physical spaces are being reconceived and customer journeys are now supported far beyond a brand’s front door, thanks to 3D & AR.

Augmented Shopping provides a new opportunity for customers to see and interact with unique products like never before. The more customizable, the more valuable these experiences become to build confidence during shopping . 

Advances in technology, data, and analytics are allowing you to create much more personal and “human” experiences across moments, channels, and buying stages.

Only by acting today will you be in a position to deliver high value to both your customers and your own brand.

What is required to create extraordinary shopping experiences?

Adding AR features to your website gives users a significantly more engaging experience. When compared with consumer behavior on traditional eCommerce sites, online shoppers who surfed to pages with interactive 3D elements spent significantly more time on the website. An average session on an ARenabled site lasted an average of five minutes compared to less than a minute spent browsing typical stores.

Augmented reality is the best way to bring a customizable product to life and close the deal for sellers. Businesses of all sizes benefit from 3D and AR and while large brands may be some of the first movers with AR, small businesses have many options to add augmented reality experiences to their online stores without stressing their resources. For many small businesses, the best way to use AR is by adding browser-based AR elements. AR platforms like Zakeke make use of technology embedded in web browsers and work across desktop and mobile platforms. This saves small businesses from having to develop expensive apps and then convince users to download them.

eCommerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento support small businesses’ use of Zakeke’s browser based AR tools. 3D and AR elements increase conversion rates on Shopify stores by up to 250% and adding AR elements is simpler than you might think. Go for it now!

Offer Unlimited configuration options

Get unlimited configuration options and let customers change product components, elements, materials and more. Define simple pricing or advanced pricing rules for your products. Show a dynamic price that changes depending on different properties such as quantity, setup costs, colors, and more. In brief, create any kind of product combination, possibilities are endless.

An Immersive Shopping Experience

Let customers be sure of what they are buying by showing your product in the real world and in real size with Augmented reality and a leading-edge 3D model. Offer an immersive shopping experience for your customers. Customization takes place in a 3D environment with light and shadow simulations to make the product extremely realistic. 

Get Workflow automation

Plug Zakeke 3D Configurator into your ERP and make your business workflow easy. Zakeke supports all the best automation software for eCommerce as well.

How Zakeke 3D Configurator Works

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Of US consumers aged 18-35 demand a personalized shopping experience
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Returns reduction is estimated just by using AR on a website
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Of US customers won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed website on mobile

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